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Kentucky Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Kentucky ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Kentucky history.

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The State of Kentucky is situated between 36 degrees 30 minutes, and 39 degrees 10 minutes, north latitude; and between 81 degrees 50 minutes, and 89 degrees 26 minutes, west longitude — and includes all that portion of territory which lies south and westward of a line, beginning on the Ohio river, at the mouth of the Great Sandy river, and running up the same, and the main and north-easterly branch thereof, to the great Laurel ridge or Cumberland mountains; thence south-west along said mountains, to a line of North Carolina. It is bounded north by Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio; east by Virginia; south by Tennessee; and west by the Mississippi river and State of Missouri. It is three hundred miles in length from east to west, and one hundred and fifty miles in mean breadth; and contains 42,600 square miles, or about twenty-seven million acres.

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Kentucky Genealogy

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Breckenridge County Will Index: 1894-1935

The Breckenridge County Will Index is an index of will records for Breckenridge County, Kentucky for the years of 1894-1935 as found in book 2 of the Kentucky State Archives microfilm roll #7005267.

Archer (a man of color) v. James Dunlap & Joseph Collins

Trespass for FreedomWritten by Lyndon Comstock Trial and Judgment of the Greenup County Circuit CourtJuly 1835Appellate Decision of the Kentucky Court of AppealsJune 18, 1838Chief Justice Robertson delivered the opinionMr. J. T. Morehead, attorney for the plaintiff.  Mr. Turner, attorney for the defendants. Introduction This was a highly unusual case because it was brought by a man, Archer, who was held as a slave and who was suing for his freedom in antebellum Kentucky.  Ordinarily slaves did not even have standing to file a lawsuit, as I understand it, since they were regarded as property rather than persons.  Equally remarkable,…

Lulbegrud Baptist Church Minutes

The following information was transcribed from FHC Microfilm #183193 and contains the Lulbegrud Baptist Church Minutes of Clark and Montgomery County, Kentucky 1793–1804 and Minutes of the North District Association of Baptists 1802–1805 Bath County: Salt Lick and Bald Eagle.Clark County: Providence, Unity, Red River, Upper Howards Creek, and East Fork.Estill County: Salem and Station Camp.Fayette County: Boffmans.Franklin County: Mt. Pleasant.Jessamine County: Jessamine.Madison County: Tates Creek.Montgomery County: Spencer, Lulbegrud, Bethel and Sycamore.Woodford County: Griers Creek and Hopewell.Unknown location: Locust Creek, Johnsons Fork, Brush Creek, Long Branch, and Slate Union. It should also be noted these lists at the beginning of…

Wade Cemetery, Clark County

Directions: At the intersection of Donaldson Road and Oldson Road. Take Oldson Road .1 mile and cemetery will be on left. Inventory Record: # 16Date Recorded: 3/11/2001Recorded by: Kendel CulbertsonLocation: Oldson Road, Clark Co., KYUnmarked Graves: 8Quad: Sideview Lat: 380627 Long: 840444 FIRST NAMELAST NAMEDOBDODNOTESNANNIE J.ARNOLD4/27/18326/20/1849W/O WILLIAMMARIETTA J.BERTHIER1/15/191210/16/1994-JAMES M.BLACKWELL19241924-GABRIELBROWN19301931S/O OMER/V.LENACARDWELL18871942LENORA P.CARDWELL18871942-MARY E.CARPENTER12/06/18462/12/1920W/O J.E. MILLIE (TURLEY)CLARK18601954KELLER W.DOAN1/27/19097/21/1912S/O R.H./H.ANNHEDGES6/22/17902/17/18311ST W/O JONASJONASHEDGES10/16/17856/29/1859H/O ANN/NANCYJONAS V.HEDGES10/10/18362/23/1838S/O JONAS/MARIANANCYHEDGES7/19/17967/15/18332ND W/O JONASWILLIAMJONES18621915THACKERKARRICK3/19/18802/11/1907-ETHAKINDRED-8/01/1896D/O MARY/OWENMARY B.KINDRED7/04/18738/5/1896W/O OWENJOHN N.MARTIN—ELIZABETHMOORE10/18/18228/02/1869W/O ELIJAHTHOMASMOORE4/22/18433/23/1923JOHN R.PENDLETON18581923H/O LYDA LYDA M.PENDLETON18591940W/O JOHN R.MARY E.PENDLETON11/13/186012/3/1895W/O THOMAS J.THOMAS J.PENDLETON12/12/18605/30/1948H/O MARY E.ELFLEATYPENNINGTON18721920W/O WILLIAM L.WILLIAM L.PENNINGTON12/10/18722/09/1950H/O ELFEATYJEREMIAHSTAR7/08/18401/05/1926H/O MALISIAMALISIASTAR1/26/18443/14/1911H/O JEREMIAHBENJAMINWADE1888-H/O DELIA A.BETTY (LEE)WADE9/22/18377/02/1939D/0 EDITH/CHASDANIELWADE9/22/17882/01/1877H/O SALLYDELIA (ALLEN)WADE18911935W/O BENJAMINDUDLEYWADE12/04/18179/09/1883H/O ELIZA A.ELIZA A.WADE12/08/18181/18/1897W/O DUDLEYHARRIETT V.WADE18601922W/O JAMES E.J. L.WADE11/01/18535/04/1901H/O…

Taul Cemetery, Clark County

Taul Cemetery Inventory Record # 8Directions: Cemetery is located off Wades Mill Road, on Benton Road, take Benton Road .4 mile to house, then .2 mile to barn. Cemetery is in field, next to barn.Recorded by: Kendel CulbertsonLocation: Wades Mills Road, Clark County, KYUnmarked Graves: 0Quad: Sideview Lat: 380346 Long: 840316 Persons who’s name appear with ** said to be buried here but no tombstone was found during this survey. FIRST NAMELAST NAMEDOBDODREMARKSA.J.**B.   HEZEKIAH J.BENTON(18 JUN 1838)(27 FEB 1865)H/O ELIZABETH (A. Scobee Benton)SUSAN ANN P.BENTON(7 JUN) 183510/03/1853D/O E.B./N (Elizabeth Bishop Taul & Norwell Benton)WILLIAM H. **BENTON1/23/18384/17/1861S/O E.B./N (Elizabeth Bishop Taul & Norwell Benton)WILLIAM T. **BENTON8/22/187211/29/1872(S/O Norval…

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