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Lulbegrud Baptist Church Minutes

The following information was transcribed from FHC Microfilm #183193 and contains the Lulbegrud Baptist Church Minutes of Clark and Montgomery County, Kentucky 1793–1804 and Minutes of the North District Association of Baptists 1802–1805 Bath County: Salt Lick and Bald Eagle.Clark County: Providence, Unity, Red River, Upper Howards Creek, and East Fork.Estill County: Salem and Station Camp.Fayette County: Boffmans.Franklin County: Mt. Pleasant.Jessamine County: Jessamine.Madison County: Tates Creek.Montgomery County: Spencer, Lulbegrud, Bethel and Sycamore.Woodford County: Griers Creek and Hopewell.Unknown location: Locust Creek, Johnsons Fork, Brush Creek, Long Branch, and Slate Union. It should also be noted these lists at the beginning of […]

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Wade Cemetery, Clark County

Directions: At the intersection of Donaldson Road and Oldson Road. Take Oldson Road .1 mile and cemetery will be on left. Inventory Record: # 16Date Recorded: 3/11/2001Recorded by: Kendel CulbertsonLocation: Oldson Road, Clark Co., KYUnmarked Graves: 8Quad: Sideview Lat: 380627 Long: 840444 FIRST NAME LAST NAME DOB DOD NOTES NANNIE J. ARNOLD 4/27/1832 6/20/1849 W/O WILLIAM MARIETTA J. BERTHIER 1/15/1912 10/16/1994 – JAMES M. BLACKWELL 1924 1924 – GABRIEL BROWN 1930 1931 S/O OMER/V. LENA CARDWELL 1887 1942 LENORA P. CARDWELL 1887 1942 – MARY E. CARPENTER 12/06/1846 2/12/1920 W/O J.E.  MILLIE (TURLEY) CLARK 1860 1954 KELLER W. DOAN 1/27/1909

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Taul Cemetery, Clark County

Taul Cemetery Inventory Record # 8Directions: Cemetery is located off Wades Mill Road, on Benton Road, take Benton Road .4 mile to house, then .2 mile to barn. Cemetery is in field, next to barn.Recorded by: Kendel CulbertsonLocation: Wades Mills Road, Clark County, KYUnmarked Graves: 0Quad: Sideview Lat: 380346 Long: 840316 Persons who’s name appear with ** said to be buried here but no tombstone was found during this survey. FIRST NAME LAST NAME DOB DOD REMARKS A.J.** B.       HEZEKIAH J. BENTON (18 JUN 1838) (27 FEB 1865) H/O ELIZABETH (A. Scobee Benton) SUSAN ANN P. BENTON (7 JUN) 1835

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Raker Cemetery, Clark County

located off Ruckerville Road on the Tony Hatfield farm Beal, B. M. b. Dec. 23, 1822; d. July 9, 1870Beal, Lou Ann d. May 16, 1894 (Age 72 years); (Wife of B. M. Beal)Rainey, Mary b. Aug. 22, 1797; d. May 24, 1851; (Wife of J. R. Rainey)Raker, William b. Nov. 10, 1815; d. Nov. 17, 1897Raker, Elizabeth b. Nov. 10, 1825; d. July 31, 1896; (Wife of William Raker)Raker, Nannie J. b. Sept. 8, 1863; d. April 21, 1882; (Daughter of William and Elizabeth Raker)Raker, William F. b. Dec. 31, 1859; d. Aug. 18, 1865; (Son of William and

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Moreland Cemetery, Clark County

This is a list of the known buried at the Moreland Cemetery in Clark Co., Ky. This cemetery is beside Hwy. 89, on what was the Moreland Farm since the early 1800s. It contains 13 markered graves, 16 graves marked with rocks (though, there are possibly 23), and one “lost” graves. One grave is marked with a rock and is also a markered grave. A marker was purchased, but the grave location was not known and the marker was just put down near the fence. Married couples are placed together on this list. Graves with markers: Graves marked with Rocks:

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Stevenson Family Cemetery

W.D. or W.O. STEVENSON, June 29, 1835 – Dec. 13, 1887 D/S withMargaret STEVENSON, Oct. 2, 1841 – Dec. 8, 1920Austin P. CHRISTOPHER, 1914 – 1916Clelland ISAACS, Feb. 26, 1864 – Sept. 14, 1922J.H. “Jack” JONES, Aug. 12, 1846 – Oct. 10, 1914 Two small stones with only W. B. H. and B. H. Looks like footstone but the headstones are missing. There are several more buried here with only rocks marking the graves.

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Fox Family Cemetery

Thomas M., son of T. A. HATCHETT, Feb. 20, 1851 – June 8, 1872O. or D. Hiram R. FOX, Aug. 9, 1832 – April 20, 1850Sarah RICE, wife of Boaz FOX, Feb. 13, 1811 – Apr. 15, 1880The following were listed as children of Boaz & Sarah RICE;Richard FOX, Mar. 9, 1832 – Oct. 8, 1835James A. FOX, April 25, 1841 – Sept. 8, 1850George W. FOX, Mar. 28, 1846/8 – Dec. 14, 1866Soiney A. FOX, Sept. 19, 1850 – Sept. 18, 1852

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Old Graveyards in Clark County – Part 2

Excerpts from Old Graveyards in Clark County, pages 55-60 Green Graveyard Green Graveyard (Near Becknerville, Woodford Farm) Greening Graveyard Greening Graveyard (Highway 89). See also: Greening Graveyard Haggard Graveyard Haggard Graveyard (Jackson Ferry Road, Eaton Farrm) Nathaniel Haggard Graveyard – Boonesboro Road Haggard Graveyard (3 miles South of Winchester, Boonesboro Road, Stephenson Farm) The wives of Nathaniel Haggard and his wife Elizabeth were marked with fieldstones. Family records state that Nathaniel was born 1723 and died 1805. Elizabeth Haggard was born 1731 and died 1820. Haggard Graveyard – Boonesboro Road Haggard Graveyard (3 miles South of Winchester, Boonesboro Road, Wheeler

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