Clark County

Hunt Graveyard, Clark County

(Note: This graveyard was surveyed Dec. 2004 By Gary Griswold – ggg grandson of Smallwood and Sally (Reed) Acton through their daughter Elizabeth Ecton Baker) There are 4 graves included in this survey that were not in the book “Old Graveyards of Clark County, Kentucky” Pub. By Owen in 1975. There are at least 5 graves marked only by stones with no identification. ) Acton, Smallwood d. Jan. 29, 1855 Age 69 years 9 mos. 29 daysActon, Sally d. Dec. 7, 1830 Age 44 years Wife of Smallwood (Sally Reed)Baker, Isaac d. Feb. 28, 1829 (Son of Cuthbert Bullitt & […]

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Hodges Cemetery

Directions: From US 60 take Wades Mill Road 1.5 miles.  Cemetery located on the left hand side of the road, in a barn lot at the residence of 8493 Wades Mill Road Inventory Record: # 74Date Recorded: 2/20/2000Recorded by: Judy MeansLocation: Wades Mill Road, Clark Co., KYUnmarked Graves: 0Quad: Sideview         Lat: 380250        Long: 840229 Persons who’s name appears with ** said to be buried here but no tombstone found during this survey. FIRST NAME LAST NAME DOB DOD NOTES Sarah T. HODGE 11/15/1840 9/21/1874 W/O William Crotia(Thompson) HODGE 11/18/1802 7/09/1865 W/O Samuel Edward Ann HODGE 10/10/1825 7/04/1851 D/O Crotia/Sam John

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Greening Graveyard, Winchester, Kentucky

Also known as Ecton CemeteryLocated on the Irvine Road (Highway 89)Submitted by Elizabeth A. Cooper Aldridge, Hence b. Oct. 25, 1861; d. Apr. 9, 1918Aldridge, Louvice b. 1872 d. 1936 (wife of Hence Aldridge)Aldridge, Rod b. 1861; d. 1923Aldridge, Robert G. b. 1905; d. 1914Ballard, John b. 1825 (only date)Ballard, Sarah b. 1830; d. 1906Birch, J. C. b. Oct. 13, 1881; d. Aug. 20, 1904Birch, Warren D. b. Jan. 25, 1869; d. Nov. 27, 1897Birch, Mary S. b. Aug. 6, 1873; d. Aug. 1, 1888Birch, William b. 1849; d. 1924Birch, Mary Jane b. Sept. 1, 1847; d. May 12, 1888Birch,

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Frank Anderson Farm Cemetery

Directions: Follow Oread Road to top of ridge where it meets Egg Nest Road.  Turn to right and follow to end.  Go through gate and follow down hill then right at intersection.  Follow up drain to pond at head of field.  Cemetery on hill.  To left of old house site. Inventory Record: # 187Date Recorded: 3/7/2002Recorded by: Kendal CulbertsonLocation: Oil Springs, Clark Co., KYUnmarked Graves: 2Quad: Leeve        Lat: 375636        Long: 835828 FIRST NAME LAST NAME DOB DOD NOTES Patricia Ann GUEHRING 2/19/1951 4/13/1951   John B. MEANS 3/24/1879 6/9/1951   Sarah MEANS 1884 1867  

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The Curry Cemetery, Winchester, Kentucky

The Curry Graveyard (Iron Works Road, Graham farm), Clark Co., KY Curry, Obediah – b. August 31, 1807, d. January 8, 1844Curry, Clarissa – b. March 3, 1806, d. November 25, 1878Curry, Elias – b. March 26, 1802, d. December 5, 1871Curry, Adaline A. – b. January 8, 1816, d. March 2, 1887, Wife of Elias CurryCurry, Charles G. – b. March 3, 1838, d. April 11, 1907Curry, Clarissa Ann – b. December 22, 1843, d. July 13, 1911Curry, Amanda – b. October 9, 1847, d. December 13, 1914Curry, Adam M. – b. December 14, 1839, d. June 20, 1917Curry, Hannah

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Old Graveyards of Clark County – part 1

Page 7-8 Bethlehem Church Graveyard Bethlehem Church Graveyard (Schollsville-Kiddville Road) (Inscriptions from old tombstones in Bethlehem Churchyard) Page 10. Bratton Graveyard Bratton Graveyard (Big Stoner Road, Julian Bratton Farm) Page 13. Phillip Bush Graveyard Bush (Phillip) Graveyard (Off Quinsenberry Road, Quinsenberry Road) Page 14. William Bush Graveyard Bush, (William) Graveyard (Boonesborough Road, Dykes Farm) Note: Several graves here are marked with field stone. Years ago there was a marker for Frances T. Bush with the inscription; Wife of Captain William Bush- b. Jan. 31, 1762; d. Dec. 3, 1828.  Jonathan Bush Graveyard Bush (Jonathan) Graveyard (Lower Howard’s Creek, near ruins of Holder Mill) Page 15. Robert V.

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Biography of Thomas Wright

Thomas Wright of Clark County, Kentucky, has been described in Genealogies and Sketches of Some Old Families, by Benjamin F. VanMeter, 1901, pp. 34-35. This and some other material may be found in the family file in the Clark County Library. I am taking the liberty of copying some of that material (in quotes) and adding other information that I have found. “Thomas Wright removed from Virginia to Clark County about the year 1780, and settled on Prettyrun Creek, on a part of the remaining one half of the Gist land–a part of the military survey of which Thomas Lewis

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