1830 Clay County Kentucky Census

1830 Clay County Kentucky Census Transcription

Remember to search for various spellings of surnames. Some of the names were hard to read, keep in mind they could be wrong, and as usual some typos may exist. FWM = Free White Males FWF = Free White Females FCM = Free Colored Males FCF = Free Colored Females SECTION 1 (Microfilm pages 165-174) Hiram Luncford FWM (20-30) 2 FWF (under 5) 2,   (20-30) 1 George Farzer FWM (50-60) 1 James Henson FWM (20-30) 1 FWF (under 5) 1,   (15-20) 1 Stephen Reid FWM (5-10) 2,   (15-20) 1,   (20-30) 1,   (40-50) 1 FWF (under …

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Sample Tax Record

Edmonson County, Kentucky, Tax List, 1825

The Edmonson County, Kentucky, tax list of 1825 is arranged alphabetically by the name of the taxpayer. This simplifies finding a given name, although you lose family groupings. To retain family groupings despite alphabetizing by surname, we included the ID, which consists of consecutive numbers applied to consecutive taxpayers. The names in the fields for whom entered, for whom surveyed, for whom patented, were very difficult to read, but include names of the earliest settlers in this area, and many are not found elsewhere on this tax list, so we think it was worth the effort to include these fields. If you find errors, please let us know.

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