Kentucky Military Records

When searching for military records, be sure to check all the county sources, RootsWeb has provided a County Military Search after you have exhausted all the free sources you might want to try a Free Trial at Ancestry.

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Search by complete name or surname. Format the complete name by first keying the veteran’s surname then his given (first) name. Example: Marshall, Thomas. By keying Marshall, you will see a complete listing of all veterans with the Marshall surname. A minimum of four characters must be entered. Use % as the fourth character, if necessary.

Revolutionary War Warrants

Kentucky Civil War Records

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  1. I am looking for a Roy Evans, Bracken County, Kentucky, he was a soldier in the Spanish American War. He is buried in the Neave Methodist Cemetery, Neave, Ky.. There is no headstone however I attended his funeral and I am sure he is buried there, in fact I remember where his grave is. There is no cemetery record of his burial or at least I cannot get that information. He died in the 1970’s I am thinking. McCarty and Metcalf funeral home in Brooksville, Ky. 41040 were in charge of the arrangements and they are no longer in business. Please help me find his grave and give me any military information I can get.

  2. My husband and I are working with a group to build a Veterans Park in Nelson County KY. We are searching fr the names of all residentsthat have served the country in all wars r conflicts starting with WWI. What sources can you direct me to?

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