Hickman Cemeteries, Clark County

Richard Hickman Graveyard

Richard Hickman Graveyard-(Jones Nursery Rd.-Holloway Farm)

  • Hickman, Richard- b. Nov. 5, 1757; d. July 3, 1832
  • Hickman, Lydia- b. Oct. 14, 1764; d. Feb. 14, 1835
  • Caldwell, Mrs. Fanny-d. May 15, 1812 in her 30th year

Joel Hickman Graveyard

(Joel) Hickman Graveyard-(Lane off Jones Nursery Rd.-Rogers Farm)

  • Hickman, Joel-b. Culpepper Co., Va., Aug. 10, 1761; d. Clark Co., Ky., July 16, 1852-A Soldier of the Revolution
  • Hickman, Frances Garetta-b. Mar. 3, 1768; d. May 22, 1847-Wife of Joel Hickman
  • Hickman, Amanda F.-Wife of Edwin C. Hickman and daughter of Dr. R. Best-d. Jan. 1815-Aged 32 years; Her son William-b. Jan. 17, 1815
  • Hickman, Edwin C.-Born Clark Co., Ky., May 10, 1810; Died in Lexington, Ky., May 1861
  • Hickman, Lt. Joel D.-b July 31, 1842; and killed at Lexington Dec. 19, 1861. He was noble, generous, and brave.
  • Hickman, Capt. Robert B.-b. Oct. 16, 1840; Mortally wounded at the Battle of Stone River Jan. 2, 1863 while gallantly leading his men. Died Jan. 4, 1863.
  • Hickman, Mary Ann-Daughter of the late Thomas E. Hickman-died May 13, 1848 in her 15th year.

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