Taul Cemetery, Clark County

Taul Cemetery Inventory Record # 8
Directions: Cemetery is located off Wades Mill Road, on Benton Road, take Benton Road .4 mile to house, then .2 mile to barn. Cemetery is in field, next to barn.
Recorded by: Kendel Culbertson
Location: Wades Mills Road, Clark County, KY
Unmarked Graves: 0
Quad: Sideview Lat: 380346 Long: 840316

Persons who’s name appear with ** said to be buried here but no tombstone was found during this survey.

HEZEKIAH J.BENTON(18 JUN 1838)(27 FEB 1865)H/O ELIZABETH (A. Scobee Benton)
SUSAN ANN P.BENTON(7 JUN) 183510/03/1853D/O E.B./N (Elizabeth Bishop Taul & Norwell Benton)
WILLIAM H. **BENTON1/23/18384/17/1861S/O E.B./N (Elizabeth Bishop Taul & Norwell Benton)
WILLIAM T. **BENTON8/22/187211/29/1872(S/O Norval & Margaret Talbott Benton)
PENT J.**JONES7/07/18411844 
REBECCA**KING17891/31/1844W/O ROY S.
()**ODEN1/7/18272/17/1855S/O M./JOHN L.
JOHN L.ODEN17984/01/1864 
MARTHA C.**ROBINSON12/08/18302/04/1849W/O TOMAS
ALGERNON SIDNEYTAUL10/21/18045/01/1826S/O M./D.
HENRY C.TAUL7/23/18171/10/1871 
JAMES A.TAUL8/20/18632/02/1865S/O T./S.A.
JONATHANTAUL9/20/1771/31/1831H/O SUSAN
MARY E.TAUL7/25/186712/10/1867D/O J.M./L.R.
MARY J.TAUL8/08/18223/06/1845W/O WILEY
SUSAN S.TAUL3/01/17875/06/1870W/O JONATHAN
LEVITHOMSON7/05/18286/24/1879H/O MARIA

( ) – Additional information per Mary Hatton

NOTES PER MARY HATTON: (Birth dates for Hezekiah Jackson Benton are from my grandmother, Sallie Scobee Benton’s, notes and letters. 1. On 9/20/03 on a trip to the Montgomery County Library located in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co., Ky. I found a list of old family cemeteries. The Taul Family cemetery is located on Wades Mill Pike on the Farm of Bert Floyd. Hezekiah Jackson Benton’s marker was broken off and had the initials of H. J. B. on the stone. He was the husband of Elizabeth (Scobee) Benton.)

(2. On 3/13/2004 on a trip to the Ky. History Center I found a list of persons buried in the “Jonathan Taul Graveyard” , the death date for Hezekiah Jackson Benton was finally located.)

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