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Kentucky Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Kentucky ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Kentucky history.

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The State of Kentucky is situated between 36 degrees 30 minutes, and 39 degrees 10 minutes, north latitude; and between 81 degrees 50 minutes, and 89 degrees 26 minutes, west longitude — and includes all that portion of territory which lies south and westward of a line, beginning on the Ohio river, at the mouth of the Great Sandy river, and running up the same, and the main and north-easterly branch thereof, to the great Laurel ridge or Cumberland mountains; thence south-west along said mountains, to a line of North Carolina. It is bounded north by Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio; east by Virginia; south by Tennessee; and west by the Mississippi river and State of Missouri. It is three hundred miles in length from east to west, and one hundred and fifty miles in mean breadth; and contains 42,600 square miles, or about twenty-seven million acres.

Kentucky County Genealogy

Kentucky Genealogy

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New Kentucky Genealogy

Biography of James N. Allen

James N. Allen, farmer; P. O. Centerville; was born Aug, 9, 1822, in Bourbon County, Kentucky, and is the son of Adoniram Allen and Polly (Cail) Allen, daughter of Jacob Cail, who came from Virginia; Adoniram Allen was a native of Georgia, and came to Kentucky with his father, his mother being dead, and located at Visalia, on the K.C.R.R, where he owned and operated a mill; he subsequently removed to Bourbon County and engaged in farming. Mr. Allen was reared to agricultural pursuits, and now owns a farm of 154 acres and has also given some attention to the…

Hart County Kentucky Civil War Soldiers

This information was abstracted from The Judge Ray Cann Records. It is a list of all soldiers from Hart County, Kentucky who participated in the Civil War.

Hart County Kentucky Tax List, 1819

Often, the potential of tax records as a tool for genealogy research is not fully recognized. While their immediate details might seem sparse, they could be a gateway to acquiring land documents that are rich in valuable information for tracing our ancestry. This compilation represents individuals who were paying taxes in Hart County, Kentucky, in the year 1819. When applicable, it also includes details of the land parcel owned, specifying the size, geographical location, and any adjacent bodies of water.

Hart County Kentucky Wills 1819-1850

The Hart County, Kentucky Court House burned in 1928. This has caused a severe hardship on anyone researching their families in Hart Co, KY. The following index is all that exists of Will Book A. This index apparently escaped the fire. It was compiled by Colonel Ben LeBree and was originally published by the Hart County Historical Society in their quarterly publication. What this index tells us is the people listed here died before 1850 and estate papers or wills were filed in Hart County, Kentucky. It is a terrible shame the actual documents were lost.

Bracken County Probate Records Index: 1815-1823

The Bracken County Probate Records Index is an index of probate records for Bracken County, Kentucky for the years of 1815-1823 as found in Volume B, Kentucky State Archives microfilm roll #344088.

Bracken County Probate Records Index: 1798-1815

The Bracken County Probate Records Index is an index of probate records for Bracken County, Kentucky for the years of 1798-1815 as found in Volume A, Kentucky State Archives microfilm roll #344088.
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