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Kentucky Genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Kentucky ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Kentucky history.

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The State of Kentucky is situated between 36 degrees 30 minutes, and 39 degrees 10 minutes, north latitude; and between 81 degrees 50 minutes, and 89 degrees 26 minutes, west longitude — and includes all that portion of territory which lies south and westward of a line, beginning on the Ohio river, at the mouth of the Great Sandy river, and running up the same, and the main and north-easterly branch thereof, to the great Laurel ridge or Cumberland mountains; thence south-west along said mountains, to a line of North Carolina. It is bounded north by Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio; east by Virginia; south by Tennessee; and west by the Mississippi river and State of Missouri. It is three hundred miles in length from east to west, and one hundred and fifty miles in mean breadth; and contains 42,600 square miles, or about twenty-seven million acres.

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Kentucky Genealogy

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The Ervin Cemetery, Winchester, Kentucky

Iron Works Rd., Winchester, Clark County, KY(Located on The Adams’ Farm) William Ervin – b. 5/7/1800 d. 9/7/1876Nancy, Wife of William, – b. 4/3/1799 d.12/30/1879Hezekiah Ervin – b. 7/27/1834 d. 10/17/1928Mary J. (Curry) Ervin – b. 12/5/1845 d. 5/29/1926 Three infants (triplets) of H and M.J. Ervin – b. 12/23/1878 d. 12/24/1878 Helen Ervin – b. 7/14/1875 d. 1/26/1938 Thomas Ervin – b. 7/14/1885 d. 7/23/1885, son of Hez. and M.J. Ervin Elias Ervin – b. 12/1/1870 d. 11/30/1937 (An anvil is used as marker for the grave William Ervin – b. 8/8/1875 d. 9/25/1875, son of James and A.…

The Curry Cemetery, Winchester, Kentucky

The Curry Graveyard (Iron Works Road, Graham farm), Clark Co., KY Curry, Obediah – b. August 31, 1807, d. January 8, 1844Curry, Clarissa – b. March 3, 1806, d. November 25, 1878Curry, Elias – b. March 26, 1802, d. December 5, 1871Curry, Adaline A. – b. January 8, 1816, d. March 2, 1887, Wife of Elias CurryCurry, Charles G. – b. March 3, 1838, d. April 11, 1907Curry, Clarissa Ann – b. December 22, 1843, d. July 13, 1911Curry, Amanda – b. October 9, 1847, d. December 13, 1914Curry, Adam M. – b. December 14, 1839, d. June 20, 1917Curry, Hannah…

The Daniel Cemetery, Clark County

The Daniel Graveyard (Across Lulbegrud Creek, near Clark-Powell County Line) Daniel, Robert – b. February 26, 1825, d. September 26, 1895 Daniel, James – b. April 19, 1852, d. October 2, 1902 Daniel, Susan – b. July –, 1827, d. July 24, 1902

Old Graveyards of Clark County – part 1

Page 7-8 Bethlehem Church Graveyard Bethlehem Church Graveyard (Schollsville-Kiddville Road) (Inscriptions from old tombstones in Bethlehem Churchyard) Barrow, H. G, – b. Jan. 1, 1790; d. Mar. 10, 1856 Barrow, Rachel – Dec. 25, 1789; d. Feb.26, 1876 Bartlett, John F. – b. May 4, 1854; d. Aug. 3, 1932 Bartlett, Sarah E. – b. May 4, 1862; d. Aug. 22, 1909 Boler, George – b. Feb. 18, 1861; d. Apr. 12, 1936 Boler, Mary Ann – b. June 6, 1871; d. Jan. 30, 1938 Hisle, Starling – b. 1875; d. 1949 Jefferson, Susan – b. 1866; d. 1935 Jefferson, Jesse…

Biography of Lloyd Ashurst

Lloyd Ashurst, farmer; P. O. Paris; was born July 13, 1840, in Bourbon County, and is the son of William and Isabella (Petty) Ashurst; he was a farmer, as was his father and grandfather, the former a native of Bourbon County, and the son of Josiah Ashurst, who was born in Virginia. Our subject was married in 1863 to Miss Nannie E. Penn, daughter of Joseph Penn, of Bourbon County. They are the parents of eight children, viz: Anna Bell, Lulu, Willie, Lottie Maude, George M, Tice and Charles. Mr. Ashurst is the owner of 175 acres of finely improved…

Biography of William Ardery

William Ardery, farmer; P. O. Millersburg, son of James H. and Jane (McClure) Ardery, she a daughter of John McClure and Betsey (McDaniel) McClure; James H, son of Alexander and Sarah Moore Ardery, she a daughter of John Moore and Mary (Black) Moore, natives of Virginia, but came to Kentucky, where they purchased a large tract of land at two dollars per acre, in sight of the home of the subject of this sketch, and endured great privation and suffering among the Indians, having at one time made the offer of a pound of silver for a pound of bread…

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