Breckenridge County Will Index: 1966-1975

The Breckenridge County Will Index is an index of will records for Breckenridge County, Kentucky for the years of 1966-1975 as found in book 4 of the Kentucky State Archives microfilm roll #7005267.

262Acos, Margaretwill1970
80Adcox, Roxie Blackwill1967
169Alexander, Blanchewill1969
2Alexander, Leewill1966
290Alexander, Leonawill1971
264Allen, Bettiewill1970
201Allen, Earnestwill1969
335Allgood, William Denverwill1971
207Armes, Mabel L. Beauchampwill1969
14Arms, Austinwill1966
218Arnold, Mildredwill1969
49Askin, Leo C.will1966
267Ater, H. A.will1970
374Avitt, Effiewill1972
178Bandy, Henry W.will1969
46Bandy, John G.will1966
434Bandy, Mary I.will1973
347Bandy, Omarwill1971
180Barbee, John Elliottwill1969
48Barger, Junius Walterwill1966
510Basham, Alva N.will1974
118Basham, Arthur Clintonwill1968
368Basham, Diltz Simmswill1972
107Basham, Ivawill1968
375Basham, J. M. & Hazelwill1972
9Basham, Lena S.will1966
573Basham, M. O.will1975
389Basham, Shermanwill1972
325Basham, Thomas F.will1971
303Basham, William H.will1971
566Bates, Owen Y.will1975
127Bayer, Josephwill1968
197Beauchamp, N. B.will1969
366Beauchamp, William H.will1972
293Beavin, Adrian Jr. & Margaret Westwill1971
163Beavin, Clara E.will1969
336Beavin, Clarence & Ermilwill1971
410Beavin, Elizabethwill1972
40Beavin, James Adrian Sr.will1966
27Beavin, Mary E.will1966
515Beavin, Robert Glennwill1974
242Beavin, William M.will1970
296Behen, Lafe J.will1971
386Bell, Ewing Sr.will1972
429Bennett, Dennie Shelbywill1973
187Bennett, Guywill1969
233Bennett, Herbert H.will1970
188Bennett, Laurawill1969
223Bennett, Oatherwill1970
82Bennett, Vernon Raywill1967
546Bentley, Katherine O.will1975
373Bickett, K. F.will1972
382Biddle, Thomas N.will1972
506Bishop, Katie E.will1974
30Black, C. R.will1966
419Blair, Alfredwill1973
387Blair, Leewill1972
549Bland, Louise Matthewswill1975
130Bland, Tomwill1968
133Bland, William Tilfordwill1968
173Blissett, Jennie C.will1969
143Blouse, Jameswill1968
550Board, Russell F.will1975
191Board, Shelton K.will1969
292Board, Shermanwill1971
38Bolin, Mamie A.will1966
518Bowlds, Leowill1974
575Bowman, Mary Rosswill1975
181Breeden, Donald E.will1969
137Briner, Groverwill1968
529Brite, Paulwill1974
470Brooks, Cora Jane Cleaverwill1973
475Brooks, Jameswill1973
317Brown, Bessie A.will1971
298Brown, Genevievewill1971
10Brown, James Roywill1966
316Brown, Ovawill1971
214Bruner, James I.will1969
559Bruner, Roy L.will1975
18Bryan, Joannwill1966
463Burch, Earlwill1973
284Burch, Leowill1970
306Burke, Maymewill1971
109Burke, William F.will1968
3Burn, Edith M.will1966
184Burn, Margaret B.will1969
4Burton, Pearlwill1966
338Butler, Emalinewill1971
426Butler, Eugenia P.will1973
378Butler, Husawill1972
25Butler, Leviwill1966
195Butler, Phiness C.will1969
273Campbell, Martinwill1970
339Cann, Thelma Amoswill1971
272Cannaway, Freddiewill1970
453Cannon, R. E.will1973
112Carden, Joe T.will1968
401Carey, Alma Battswill1972
215Carman, Amon H.will1969
505Carman, Andrew S.will1974
487Carman, Anna Pilewill1974
318Carman, Burtwill1971
5Carman, Williswill1966
117Carr, Ada M.will1968
113Carter, Dagmar S.will1968
171Carter, Forestwill1969
269Carter, James Edmunc & Lenawill1970
473Carter, Lena J.will1973
342Carter, Louise W.will1971
467Carver, Dora E.will1973
36Cashman, Ida Maywill1966
274Chambliss, Vernon Leewill1970
425Chancellor, Mrs. Raewill1973
433Chaney, Charles Barnettwill1973
211Chappell, Lawrencewill1969
422Chism, Jean A.will1973
494Chism, Jessiewill1974
332Choate, Raleighwill1971
124Claycomb, Junewill1968
89Cleaver, Ellawill1967
236Coke, Milton B.will1970
558Cole, Archie B.will1975
24Coleman, Kenneth C.will1966
484Conkwright, John N. Sr.will1974
160Coomes, John C. & Margaret L.will1969
161Cordrey, Bertie Thomaswill1969
485Couch, Celestine L.will1974
324Cowley, Effiewill1971
406Crisp, Jameswill1972
300Critchelow, Robertwill1971
404Crowe, Ethelwill1972
512Dalton, Jess A.will1974
57Dant, Nolon Bernardwill1967
440Darnell, Jessewill1973
359Davis, Robert C.will1972
164Davis, Thera Q.will1969
489DeHaven, Ballardwill1974
232DeHaven, Clara Bellewill1970
525Deisenroth, Tarltonwill1974
397DeJarnett, M. L.will1972
372DeJarnett, Owen D.will1972
535DeJarnette, Bressie Annwill1975
444DeJarnette, Burnwill1973
122Dooley, Patewill1968
152Dowell, Austinwill1968
565Dowell, Carrie L.will1975
168Dowell, Clarencewill1969
258Dowell, Hubert E. & Eva Adcoxwill1970
315Dowell, Lonniewill1971
330Dowell, Lonnie & Nellewill1971
220Dowell, Paul W.will1969
84Dowell, Pauline Moormanwill1967
414Dowell, Raymond T.will1973
469Dowell, Sim & Goldiewill1973
398Dowell, Taylor D. & Mary B.will1972
580Dowell, Taylor D. & Mary B.will1975
280Drane, Nan L.will1970
286Drane, Vicwill1970
55Duke, John K.will1967
239Duncan, Irawill1970
409Dunn, John T & Flora G.will1972
420Dunn, John T. & Florawill1973
58Durbin, Gilbertwill1967
252Dyer, Blanchewill1970
129Dyer, T. C.will1968
75Early, L. H. Sr.will1967
35Early, Richard F.will1966
313Elder, F. W.will1971
589Elder, J. K. Sr.will1975
66Elder, James Franklinwill1967
588Elder, William Earlwill1975
186English, Anna Harlanwill1969
237English, Mary N.will1970
76Etherton, Franceswill1967
322Fackler, Allen F.will1971
321Fackler, Rose L.will1971
430Fallon, Charleswill1973
77Fallon, Elsie F.will1967
297Fallon, J. M.will1971
443Ferry, Leonard McCarlwill1973
462Flood, Peter P.will1973
96Foote, E. C.will1967
427Foote, Franceswill1973
250Fraize, Claude F.will1970
206Fraize, W. G.will1969
452Frank, Henry Oscarwill1973
279Frank, Myrtlewill1970
6Frank, Orval & Effiewill1966
396Fuqua, James & Nancy Dorawill1972
68Fuqua, P. W.will1967
64Galloway, Eloisewill1967
383Galloway, Hermanwill1972
536Gedling, Carl O.will1975
333Gibson, William Henrywill1971
136Gilpin, Dallas Ovalwill1968
145Glasscock, Sylvester W.will1968
266Glassock, G. F.will1970
428Goodman, Taylor L.will1973
159Gray, Genevawill1969
464Gray, Mary Annwill1973
165Gray, Stanleywill1969
20Green, Jennie S.codicil/will1966
43Green, Jennie S.agreement1966
569Greenwell, Frederick Earlwill1975
395Greenwell, W. W.will1972
413Greenwood, Robert B.will1973
182Gremillion, Joseph N.will1969
567Guffey, James W.will1975
557Haley, Charles Readwill1975
54Hardesty, Ethelwill1967
227Hardin, George H.will1970
538Hardway, Raymond E.will1975
52Harned, Johnwill1967
403Harned, R. L.will1972
479Harrington, A. J.will1973
8Hart, J. Esteswill1966
268Hawkins, Fredwill1970
257Hawkins, Ida W.will1970
564Hawkins, Purvawill1975
91Haycraft, Hallie E.will1967
69Haycraft, James W.will1967
131Haycraft, Mary L.will1968
455Hayes, Ben D.will1973
208Haynes, Bessie E.will1969
576Haynes, Charleywill1975
545Haynes, Dudleywill1975
466Haynes, Guywill1973
62Haynes, Haroldwill1967
405Haynes, James Arthur & Mildredwill1972
114Haynes, Lonniewill1968
503Haynes, Morriswill1974
571Hendrick, Frankwill1975
285Hendrick, John Williamwill1970
348Hendrick, Lula H.will1971
26Hendrick, Virginia B.will1966
355Hendry, W. S.will1972
13Henning, Adam J.will1966
354Henning, Ednawill1972
343Henning, Maude C.will1971
265Henning, Wavewill1970
511Henninger, Henrywill1974
367Henninger, Robert W.will1972
210Hensel, John D.will1969
65Heston, Clara M.will1967
23Hibbs, Frankwill1966
41Hickerson, Agnes W.will1966
140Hickerson, John L.will1968
581Hickerson, Maewill1975
98Hicks, Samwill1968
295Higginbotham, Tandywill1971
465Hines, Roywill1973
251Hinsey, Clarawill1970
87Hinton, J. Malcolm & Edwinawill1967
1Hobbs, Mary M.will1966
323Holland, Mackeywill1971
357Holland, Pearlwill1972
400Holloway, Ernestwill1972
212Holmes, Maudewill1969
199Holmes, Sarah T.will1969
568Hook, Effie R.will1975
288Hook, Howard M.will1971
154Hook, Jameswill1968
585Hook, Jameswill1975
513Hook, Thias M.will1974
542Hook, Timothy L.will1975
125Horsley, Mrs. Marywill1968
498Hoskinson, J. W. & Rubywill1974
105Howard, Cova Catherinewill1968
108Howard, Lizziewill1968
590Howard, Mabel Deanwill1975
326Huffines, Gilbert H.will1971
361Huffines, W. P.will1972
402Hunter, Jameswill1972
441Irby, John H.will1973
388Jackson, Maudwill1972
246Jackson, Nellwill1970
29Jarboe, C. T.will1966
334Jarboe, Mary I.will1971
11Johnson, Fonzywill1966
241Jolly, Hilarywill1970
200Kannapel, Ethel J.will1969
37Keenan, L. T.will1966
132Keesee, Georgewill1968
353Keith, Georgia D.will1972
548Kennan, Ellen Drurywill1975
547Kennan, James Corbettwill1975
151Kennedy, E. B.will1968
533Kennedy, John Thomas & Hattie D.will1974
238Kessinger, Ednawill1970
492Kessinger, Nathan T.will1974
418Kincheloe, Margaret M.will1973
340King, Fannie C.will1971
254Kinnison, Ernest & Almawill1970
327Kiper, James C.will1971
170Kiper, Martha Annwill1969
502Kirwan, Sallye S.will1974
369Lambert, J. P.will1972
309Landrumn, Nanniewill1971
370Lane, Flossiewill1972
507Langley, W. L.will1974
544Langston, Josephine T.will1975
543Langston, Letcher Sr.will1975
514Laslie, Tommywill1974
446Lawson, Herman E.will1973
12Layman, Fred B.will1966
578Lewis, Alma H.will1975
424Lewis, Eliza J.will1973
416Lewis, Mary Maewill1973
253Lewis, Paul Sr.will1970
259Lockard, Edithwill1970
379Logsdon, William C. & mabelwill1972
592Logsdon, William C. & Mabelwill1975
158Longley, Nettie Forrestwill1969
560Lucas, Beatricewill1975
591Lucas, Charleswill1975
385Lucas, Delmerwill1972
528Lucas, Ellawill1974
449Lucas, Mrs. Venniewill1973
517Lucas, Taylorwill1974
519Lunau, J. Waltercodicil/will1974
477Luttrell, Christinewill1973
249Lyddan, John Davidcodicil/will1970
570Lyons, J. W.will1975
579Macy, Lura Nortonwill1975
139Macy, Ruby L.will1968
377Marlow, Mary D.will1972
32Marr, Ernest Shermanwill1966
150Martin, Joseph K.will1968
415Masterson, Ivawill1973
21Matheny, Darnellwill1966
106Matthews, Alva Murraywill1968
577Matthews, James W. & Jennie F.will1975
245Mattingly, Alice Ivawill1970
17Mattingly, Celestinewill1966
497Mattingly, James M.will1974
407Mattingly, Joecodicil/will1972
15Mattingly, Lillian E.will1966
70Mattingly, Mary Hayzelwill1967
417Mattingly, Mary S.will1973
247Mattingly, Myrtlewill1970
364Mattingly, Philip Raffowill1972
240Mattingly, Zorawill1970
44May, James Paulwill1966
50May, R. A. & Naomiwill1967
351Maysey, Haskellwill1972
59McCamish, Ernestwill1967
146McCamish, N. G.will1968
179McCamish, Willardwill1969
149McCaslin, Wibur R.will1968
61McCoy, Clinton D.will1967
217McCoy, Ethawill1969
304McCoy, J. H.will1971
103McCoy, Norawill1968
234McCoy, Shelliewill1970
111McCoy, Ticecodicil/will1968
553McEndree, Mae D.will1975
431McGary, Charleswill1973
442McGary, Francis L.will1973
224McGary, Joseph H.will1970
365McGary, Mary Franceswill1972
34McGary, William Earlwill1966
540McManaway, Ollie Lymulwill1975
439McMasters, R. B.will1973
471McMillen, Anna Dalewill1973
204McNarch, Samuel Hustonwill1969
563Meador, Ernestwill1975
67Mercer, E. C.will1967
141Mercer, Lorawill1968
156Mercer, Sylvester Claywill1968
482Meyers, Lawrencecodicil/will1974
394Milam, Alzo B.will1972
226Milam, Atha Annwill1970
392Miller, Denniswill1972
216Miller, Hannah A.will1969
509Miller, Harvey Le Sieurwill1974
516Miller, Hobart & Rosewill1974
172Miller, Hubertwill1969
362Miller, Marie D.will1972
225Miller, Parkwill1970
16Miller, Robert L.will1966
490Miller, Vernon L.will1974
522Miller, Wade R.will1974
381Miller, William Hendrickwill1972
384Mitcham, A. T.will1972
148Mitcham, Elijah H.will1968
235Mitcham, T. S.will1970
483Mittag, Beatrice S.will1974
337Mittage, Chester R.will1971
500Monarch, Robert Mortonwill1974
193Moore, Mary Lilawill1969
501Moore, Robert Blackburnwill1974
128Moorman, Charles W.will1968
134Moorman, Marion Bowmanwill1968
423Moorman, Sally Robertsonwill1973
135Moorman, Walter R.will1968
391Morgan, J. P.will1972
458Morrison, Elzie Elbertwill1973
331Morton, Beatricewill1971
587Morton, Charles E.will1975
358Mullen, George M.will1972
71Newsom, Harry G.will1967
530Newton, Jerome Williamwill1974
584Norris, Ephriam H. Sr.will1975
555Norton, Almawill1975
412Norton, C. L.will1973
468Norton, Elbert L. & Lenawill1973
320O’Donoghue, James Edmundwill1971
261Oelze, Mary Margaretwill1970
344Oliver, Idawill1971
92O’Reilly, Jasper Patrickwill1967
480Osborne, James W.will1973
39Palmer, Anna F.will1966
147Parks, Wilbur R.will1968
582Parr, W. E.will1975
360Pate, James Robertwill1972
209Pate, Mattie A.will1969
349Pate, T. Earlwill1972
138Patterson, Walterwill1968
78Payne, E. G.will1967
42Payne, Ernest G.will1966
308Payne, Lucy (Louie) Hestonwill1971
213Payne, virginia F.will1969
371Perkins, Owenwill1972
28Perks, Lena Bellwill1966
534Peters, Ralph Fred & Nina Hancockwill1975
305Pile, C. E.will1971
81Pile, Mamie (Mary) M.will1967
352Pile, Margiewill1972
572Pollock, Willie Dalewill1975
299Poole, James Everettwill1971
196Poole, Lewiswill1969
539Poole, Maudewill1975
302Poole, Olawill1971
461Potts, James F.will1973
376Powell, Hale Deanwill1972
314Powers, Corby L.will1971
115Pride, Rebeccawill1968
203Pryale, Harry M.will1969
552Pullen, Stephen T.will1975
83Pumphrey, Allen Covingtonwill1967
119Pumphrey, Allen Covingtonrelinquishment1968
436Quiggins, Leonardwill1973
531Quiggins, Lilliewill1974
275Quiggins, Warren & Lilliewill1970
457Raffety, Julia T.will1973
53Ramsey, Effwill1967
162Ramsey, H. M.will1969
60Ray, Cecilia Bellwill1967
56Rebarker, Frankwill1967
574Redmon, Emma Suewill1975
287Redmon, Virginiawill1970
363Reese, Franceswill1972
174Reherman, Dr. Clarence J.will1969
583Reid, Emily L.will1975
110Revlett, Clarencewill1968
310Rhodes, Franceswill1971
229Rhodes, Gordon P.will1970
435Rhodes, John Allenwill1973
205Rhodes, Laua B.will1969
493Rhodes, M. A. Sr.will1974
281Rice, D. T.will1970
450Richards, Floydwill1973
341Richards, Johnniewill1971
495Richardson, Lottie C.will1974
157Robbins, Effie Myrtlewill1968
491Robbins, Floyd G.will1974
255Robbins, Pearlwill1970
291Robbins, Vermontwill1971
101Roberson, Rosiewill1968
307Roberts, A. L. & Georgiawill1971
73Roberts, Elizabethwill1967
19Robertson, Ernest L.will1966
278Robertson, W. J.will1970
294Robinson, James Ovawill1971
230Robinson, Ruthwill1970
85Robinson, W. T.will1967
438Rogers, Hubertwill1973
99Ross, Elmawill1968
100Ross, Ernestwill1968
496Rowland, Marshallwill1974
202Schultz, Catherinewill1969
282Severs, Kate B.will1970
142Severs, Lula M.will1968
478Severs, Mattie Clydewill1973
390Sheffield, Merriel Sr.will1972
277Shellman, Esther M.will1970
276Shellman, Robert B.will1970
312Shelman, Earl Lawrence sr.will1971
488Shephard, Charlie & Pearlwill1974
472Simmons, J. W.will1973
116Simmons, Lenawill1968
454Simmons, Vonniewill1973
523Simmons, Zelmawill1974
448Sims, Harry C.will1973
166Sitith, Charles Franciswill1969
437Smart, Eugne V.will1973
346Smart, Waldo Simonswill1971
189Smiley, Claude L.will1969
121Smith, Donald Adenwill1968
256Smith, Henrywill1970
177Smith, Marionwill1969
126Smith, Mary Z.will1968
283Smith, Robert Williamwill1970
88Snyder, Sarah E.will1967
185Sosh, Raymondwill1969
447Speaks, Charles Woodrow & Ruth Cecliliawill1973
198Spencer, Katherinewill1969
123Spencer, Willie D.will1968
345Spradlin, Monniewill1971
244Squires, Mary Elizabethcodicil/will1970
221Stackhouse, W. L.will1969
356Stacy, Jameswill1972
192Stallman, Susie W.will1969
190Staples, Bobby Raywill1969
144Stepp, John R.will1968
393Stevenson, Charles Williamwill1972
329Stewart, Welton B.will1971
521Stilwell, Nealie S.will1974
532stinnett, Benjamin F.will1974
194Stinson, Mildredwill1969
311Stith, Cleowill1971
175Stith, Morris Randallwill1969
319Stone, Walter W.will1971
74Storms, Julian A.will1967
289Storms, Thaddeuswill1971
556Stribling, Anna Maewill1975
155Stults, Arthur B.will1968
562Swink, Thomas Jeffersonwill1975
263Tabor, Orval Olliewill1970
176Tate, Allie B.will1969
476Taul, John Homerwill1973
537Taul, Pearl L.will1975
481Taylor, Maxine S.will1974
228Teaff, Joseph P.will1970
451Thompson, C. L. & Katewill1973
551Thompson, C. L. & Katewill1975
104Thornhill, C. L.will1968
486Thurman, Calwill1974
153Tobin, Harry W.will1968
63Trent, Judith W.will1967
499Trent, Minniewill1974
183Triplett, John L.will1969
524Triplett, Melvinwill1974
301Tucker, Arba C.will1971
31Tucker, Chester Arthurwill1966
260Tucker, Elmerwill1970
411Tucker, Elzawill1972
271Tucker, Lorenzo A.will1970
72Tucker, W. H.will1967
231Tuttle, Myrtlewill1970
554Vandiver, Iniswill1975
95Varble, Nanniewill1967
459Varble, Williamwill1973
47Voyles, Percywill1966
22Waggoner, Charles B.will1966
527Walls, Thomas H.will1974
90Wardrip, J. E. & Florence E.will1967
328Warfield, Jameswill1971
445Warren, James Walterwill1973
79Watkins, Joseph G & Mary C.will1967
102Watkins, Joseph G & Mary C.administratrix1968
586Weatherholt, J. R.will1975
86Weatherholt, Martha W.will1967
270Wedding, Ernest McClellan & Naomi Simonswill1970
45Weeding, Ernest McCellan & Naomi Simonswill1966
7Wegenast, Martin L.will1966
520West, Charlie & Covawill1974
504Wheatley, Clarencewill1974
51Wheatley, Henry C.will1967
432White, Stella Maewill1973
380Whitehead, Charles E.will1972
248Whitehouse, James I.will1970
561Whitler, Sadiewill1975
526Whitworth, Harvie E.will1974
350Whitworth, Samwill1972
460Whoberry, Thelmawill1973
167Williams, Mrs. Evawill1969
456Wilson, Burniewill1973
243Wilson, Elizabeth Williswill1970
219Wilson, Joe Taylorwill1969
222Winterbottom, Raymond Alfredwill1970
33Wisemon, Maggie Maywill1966
399Withers, Alvin Hardinwill1972
508Withers, Ruth Millerwill1974
408Withers, V. P. & Alscywill1972
474Withers, William Russellwill1973
97Wright, Earl F.will1968
94Wroe, Edmundwill1967
93Wroe, William A.will1967
541Yates, Lou Ethelwill1975
120Yates, Robert L.will1968
421Young, Raymondwill1973

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