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Town of Trenton, Todd County, Kentucky

The town of Trenton was laid out originally in about 1819, by Lewis Leavell. The plat consisted of fifty-nine lots lying immediately around the intersection of the Hopkinsville road and Clarksville Street. In 1867, after the...

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Town of Elkton

On the 8th day of May, 1820, the county seat of Todd County was located at Elkton. With this the history of the town properly commences, although in March, 1819, Thomas Garvin and Thomas Jameson laid out the original plat of the...

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Todd County, Kentucky Timber

There is a wide difference in the timber growth found in the different parts of the State. No coniferous tree or bush, with the exception of the swamp cypress and a few small cedars, are to be found in western Kentucky, and in...

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Todd County, Kentucky Pioneers

The early immigration to the State of Kentucky, as has been noted, came to the blue grass region and upper Kentucky Valley. A few of the more adventurous spirits pushed out to the southwest in the upper valley of Green River,...

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Todd County, Kentucky Indians

The relation of the Indians to the Mound-Builders has not been satisfactorily determined by scientists. Indian traditions are so vague, and so utterly lacking in the prime essentials for a scientific basis, that few...

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Todd County, Kentucky Agriculture

Something more than the southern half of Todd County was originally included in what was known as the ” barrens,” so called, not because the soil lacked fertility, but because of the former absence of timber and the...

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The Start in a New Country

The first settlements were made in the timber, and the first step toward the establishment of a home was to clear a patch for corn and potatoes and plant a crop. The timber thus removed furnished material for the cabin and...

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Social Development of Todd County, Kentucky

THE early society of Todd County was derived from Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. The natives of the latter State largely preponderated in the northern part of the county, while the Virginians and North Carolinians were...

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Sharon Grove Precinct, Todd County, Kentucky

IN date of settlement, Sharon Grove District occupies a foremost rank among the districts of Todd County. Its pioneer settlements were made very early, and to undertake to give an exhaustive and detailed account of the...

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The Second Struggle

The early settlement of Kentucky demanded every resource of the pioneer. For thirty-five years he was hunter, scout, warrior and farmer by turns, and even women were called from the distaff to seize the death-dealing rifle. Up...

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