Author: Dennis Partridge

Bainbridge, Hamby, And Slates’ Mill Precincts

The history of these three precincts, Bainbridge, Hamby and Scates’ Mill, forming the northwest portion of Christian County, are almost identical in their social, religious and political organization, and are there-fore...

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Allen County Kentucky Bible Records

This page contains a list of Bible transcriptions for people who resided in Allen County, Kentucky in the past. Surnames include: Anderson, Atwood, Bennett, Broughton, Brown, Brunson, Buchanon, Clasby, Curd, Downing, Duncan, Failor, Fitzsimmons, Francis, Gatewood, Goodrum, Guy, Hains, Hanes, Harris, Hinton, Hooten, Hughes, Hurd, Jackson, Johnson, Lamb, Logan, Long, Lyon, Marcrum, Marcum, Motley, Neal, Oliver, Oliver, Owens, Pedigo, Poe, Pullium, Rice, Richards, Richey, Siddens, Spillman, Thomas, Tiffany, Travelstead, Wagoner, Walker, Werst, Whitney, Wigham, Williams, and Wiseman.

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