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Bainbridge, Hamby, And Slates’ Mill Precincts

The history of these three precincts, Bainbridge, Hamby and Scates’ Mill, forming the northwest portion of Christian County, are almost identical in their social, religious and political organization, and are there-fore taken together. Starting with the boundary lines of the Union Schoolhouse Precinct on the south, and the Hopkinsville Precinct on the east, the topographical, geographical and agricultural features of this part of the county are also very similar, if not identical with that already de-scribed in the northeast portion in the chapter devoted to the precincts of Mount Vernon, Fruit Hill, Wilson and Stewart. In a word, almost the entire northern half of the county is broken and hilly, and gradually in-creases in ruggedness till the coal fields along the Hopkins and Muhlenburg County lines are reached. In this part of the county, however, the coal strata are much more inviting and promising than those lying farther to the east in Stewart and Wilson, and are destined one day to become an important factor in the commercial and manufacturing interests of the county. Several mines have already been opened up, and are now being worked in a small way, supplying coal to Hopkinsville and other minor points, but it remains to the encouraging proximity of a railroad or a stem pushed out directly into these fields, to fully develop the almost inexhaustible resources of this northwestern quarter of...

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Act of Legislature for the Formation of Christian County

The act of the Legislature for the formation of Christian County, entitled, ” An act for the division of Logan County,” is as follows: SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That from and after the 1st day of March next, the county of Logan shall be divided into two distinct counties, that is to say, all that part of the said county included in the following boundaries, to Wit: Be-ginning on Green River, eight miles below the mouth of Muddy River; thence a straight line to one mile West of Benjamin Hardin’s; thence a straight line to the Tennessee State o line, Where it crosses the Elk Fork; thence along the said line to the Mississippi River; thence up the same to the mouth of the Ohio, and up the same to the mouth of Green River; thence up the same to the beginning, shall be one distinct county, and called and known by the name of Christian, and all the residue of the said county shall retain the name of Logan. SEC. 2. Be it further enacted, That the courts of Quarter Sessions for said county shall be held on the third Monday in February, April, June and September in every year,’ and the County Courts of said county shall be held on the third Monday of every month in Which the Court of Quarter...

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Allen County Kentucky Bible Records

This page contains a list of Bible transcriptions for people who resided in Allen County, Kentucky in the past. Surnames include: Anderson, Atwood, Bennett, Broughton, Brown, Brunson, Buchanon, Clasby, Curd, Downing, Duncan, Failor, Fitzsimmons, Francis, Gatewood, Goodrum, Guy, Hains, Hanes, Harris, Hinton, Hooten, Hughes, Hurd, Jackson, Johnson, Lamb, Logan, Long, Lyon, Marcrum, Marcum, Motley, Neal, Oliver, Oliver, Owens, Pedigo, Poe, Pullium, Rice, Richards, Richey, Siddens, Spillman, Thomas, Tiffany, Travelstead, Wagoner, Walker, Werst, Whitney, Wigham, Williams, and Wiseman.

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