Author: Dennis Partridge

Relics of the Revolution

Among the active participants of the Revolutionary war earliest to settle here were Robert Acock, Sr., Michael Kennedy, Samuel Davis, Robert Harris and George Randolph. The latter served eighteen months under Capt. Shelton in...

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Political Development of Todd County, Kentucky

THE final act of State authority in forming and organizing Todd County was the location of the seat of justice. Several points, New-burg, Old Elkton and the present site were in competition for the location. The competition was...

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Pioneer Settlers of Hadensville Precinct

Collins in his ” History of Kentucky ” speaks of some settlements which were made near Elk Fork in what was then Logan County as early as 1785. Exactly where those settlements were, he does not say. But early...

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Pioneer Settlers of Allensville

To what one of the brave pioneers who came to this portion of the county should be given the honor of first carving out a new home for himself, and then fighting out the possession of it with the savages and the wild beasts,...

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Pioneer Settlements of Kirkmansv

In an early day game of all kinds was to be found here in great abundance, and probably the first men to enter the confines of the district were the hunters and trappers. These men made no permanent settlement. Some of them...

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Origin of Todd County, Kentucky

Col. John Todd, whose honored name this county bears, was the eldest of three brothers, and a native of Pennsylvania. He was educated in Virginia, at his uncle’s-the Rev. John Todd-and at maturity entered upon the study of...

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Old Allensville, Todd County, Kentucky

As we have mentioned elsewhere, almost as soon as the old State road and the Elkton and Keysburg road were surveyed, what is known as the town of Old Allensville sprang into existence at the crossing of these two thoroughfares....

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Newberg, Todd County, Kentucky

As early as 1815 there was a little hamlet on the Russellville and Hopkinsville road exactly half way between those two points. As early as 1816 Elisha B. Edwards had a store there and ran it for two or three years; it was...

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