Elkton Town Organization

The town of Elkton was originally incorporated and organized under charter, soon after the original plat and additions were made. But upon examination all the early records were found to be lost, and a statement as to the early officers cannot be made.

In 1867 a new charter was granted the village, and a new board was organized under it. The following statement shows the members of the board to the present time :

1867- G. Terry, J. W. Lewis, John A. Bass, J. D. Russell, J. ). McReynolds.

1868- G. Terry, W. A. McReynolds, G. B. Lewis, A. H. Millen and J. O. McReynolds.

1869- G. Terry, W. H. Roberts, J. W. Lewis, Berry Hurt and J. 0. McReynolds.

1870- G. Terry, R. F. Allison, John R. Runsome, J. 0. McGehee, H. G. Boone, Jr.

1871- G. Terry, John R. Runsome, R. F. Allison, James 0. McGehee and H. G. Boone, Jr.

1872- R. F. Allison, W. A. McReynolds, J. F. Luck, John 0. Street and W. H. Roberts.

1873- R. F. Allison, W. H. Roberts, W. W. Stinnett, John F. Luck and John 0. Street.

1874- R. F. Allison, G. Terry, W. H. Roberts, G. W. Millen and H. G. Boone, Jr.

1875- R. F. Allison, G. Terry, John F. Luck, G. W. Millen and H. G. Boone, Jr.

1876- R. F. Allison, G. Terry, John F. Luck, G. W. Millen and H. G. Boone, Jr.

1877- R. F. Allison, G. Terry, M. L. Christian, S. L. Thompson and G. W. Millen.

1878- J. W. Lewis, G. Terry, R. F. Allison, G. W. Millen and Samuel L. Thompson.

1879- R. F. Allison, G. Terry, G. W. Millen, J. D. Christian and S. L. Thompson.

1880- R. F. Allison, G. Terry, G. W. Millen, J. D. Christian and S. L. Thompson.

1881- W. A. McReynolds, T. E. Thompson, J. F. Luck, H. G. Fletcher, G. W. Millen.

1882- E. W. Weathers, S. L. Thompson, J. F. Bell, Benjamin T. Perkins and A. H. Millen.

1883- J. D. Christian, J. F. Bell, T. E. Thompson, G. W. Millen and Dr. E. B. Edwards.

1884- E. B. Edwards, J. W. Bell, G. B. Lewis, G. W. Millen, G. Terry.

The free schools of the village of Elkton are something .similar to those of the district, and from year to year continue to run in the same rut, as the old schools did fifty years ago. Last year the school was taught in a little old carpenter-shop that stands on Main Street, and was a fair sample of those that have been in existence for some years. Probably about the first subscription school in the town of Elkton was taught by William Moore, who came here as early as 1823. He taught for some years and was succeeded by his son, William H. Moore. Rev. William K . Stewart, a son-in-law of Moore, also taught school in this village, as well as at the Rock Bridge Church north of town, and followed his vocation for many years here.

Green River Female Academy, or, as it is now known, the Green River Academy, was built in 1835, its erection being contemporary with that of the court house. The academy was founded and built through the instrumentality of a stock company, the leading members of which were H. G. Boone, F. M. Bristow, Finis E. McClaine and Willis L. Reeves. There was about $3,500 worth of stock subscribed, at the rate of $25 per share. The State also took $500 worth of stock in the new institution, and about the full amount subscribed was consumed in the erection of the building, which was of brick, two stories, and is still standing. The school was at first, as its name indicates, for ladies alone. The first teacher in the institution was Mrs. Sarah K. P. Failes. This lady taught the school some years, and was followed by J. R. Curry, who in turn was succeeded by William Dickey and wife. ‘This-worthy couple taught school here for many years. After them, Rev. Wiggins, a Baptist preacher, taught there some time, and he was succeeded by a Presbyterian preacher by the name of Lourey. In 1861, under Prof. Mariner, the school was opened to both sexes. Since then among the teachers who have been employed there might be mentioned Profs. Lofland, Williams, J. W. Hester, -. Hendrick and Rev. Gill. The present teachers are Prof. H. 0. Snow and wife, and the school now has an average attendance of about eighty-five. A major part of the stock is now owned by Rev. Gant, who at present controls the school.

Elkton Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in about 1822. Among the very early members were Henry H. Roberts, Isaac Ayers, William Powers and Edward Shanklin. Soon after its organization a little brick church was put up on Main Street, a little west of the public square, and here services were held for many years; in 1851 the present brick edifice was built at a cost of about $4,000, and in 1872 the house was remodeled at an additional cost of about $2,000. At present the membership numbers about seventy-five. The present officers are: Stewards, H. G. Petrie and F. H. Bristow; Trustees, H. G. Petrie, J. F. Bell, E. B. Weathers and D. B. Williams.

Among the pastors of the church might be mentioned: Dr. N. H. Lee, L. B. Davidson, L. B. Crenshaw, Thomas Bottlemy, Eli B. Crane, John P. Perry, Silas Lee, Zach Taylor, David Morton, A. C. Dewitt, George R. Browder, Robert McCowan, James H. Lewis, E. W. Bottlemy, James C. Petrie, Dennis Spurrier. Since about 1845 a Union Sunday-school has been held in this town. The first Superintendent was Willis L. Reaves. In about 1870 the Baptists drew off, and soon after the Christians. Since that the Methodists and Presbyterians have continued the Sunday-school and now meet in the Presbyterian Church. The attendance is now about fifty. Present officers are: F. H. Bristow, Superintendent; Isaac Spillman, Assistant; John Weathers, Secretary; Treasurer, John Reaves.

Elkton Baptist Church was organized in the fall of 1825, in the village of Elkton. Among the early members of the congregation might be mentioned: Anthony New and wife, Benjamin Edwards and wife, John S. Wilson and wife, David Stokes, William Keeling, Mrs. Conner, and Moody Grubs and wife. The first meetings were held in the second story of the court house. In 1826 the society built the church now occupied by the colored Baptists as a house of worship. The building at that time cost about $500, and was erected through the supervision of Moody Grubs, one of the. members. The congregation continued to meet at this church until about 1873, when the present handsome edifice on Main Street was erected at a cost of about $6,000. At present the society numbers about 100 members. The following list shows the different ministers who have acted as pastors of this church: John S. Wilson, William Warder, Robert Anderson, Robert Nixon, R. A. Massey, William M. Jordon, J. M. Pea, John W. Kendal and E. N. Dicken. The present pastor is Rev. W. H. Rials. The following gentlemen are now acting as officers of the church: Clerk, Dr. S. M. Lowry; Deacons, George B. Lewis, Dr. E. B. Edwards, H. G. Boone, Dr. S. M. Lowry, Thomas J. Wilson and John Holland). The regular church services are now held on the third Sunday in each month. A Sunday-school was organized in connection with this church under the pastorate of Rev. Massey. It has an average attendance of about forty. The present officers are: John M. Lewis, Superintendent; Dr. E. B. Edwards, Librarian; Dr. S. M. Lowry, Treasurer, and Thomas Pepper, Secretary.

Elkton Congregation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized in this village in October, 1824, by Rev. F. R. Cossett as pas-tor. Dr. Cossett was afterward President of Cumberland College, at Princeton, Ky., and still later President of the Cumberland University at Lebanon, Tenn. Subsequently he was editor of a paper called the Banner of Peace, but now known as the Cumberland Presbyterian, and published at Nashville, by the Board of Publication. Dr. Cossett in old age retired from regular work and wrote several books in the interest of the church, one of which is the ” Life and Times of Ewing, one of the Founders of the Church.” He died in 1859 at Lebanon, Tenn. The first Ruling Elders of the Elkton congregation were: Thomas Bryan, James Campbell, U. E. Kennedy, J. H. Hollingsworth, Samuel Ewing, W. L. Reeves and James H. Bone.

The congregation enjoyed general prosperity for several years under the pastorate of the following ministers: Rev. M. H. Bone, and his colleague, H. B. Hill, labored in the county and Elkton especially with great success. The latter moved to Tennessee, where he spent the flower of his life, and his ministry was crowned with great success. He died about the year 1863. The former recently died near Maysville, Ala., after a long and useful life. Rev. Silas Davis followed Bone and Hill, and his ministry was followed with almost unbounded success. He was a man of strong mind and uncompromising integrity, and when he left Elkton he left an unblemished name. The next pastor was Rev. J. M. Penick, a man of great energy, of earnest zeal, deep piety, and his labors were fruitful wherever he went. He died in Logan County a few years since.

Rev. W. L. Casky was his successor, who continued a short time, but who was a punctual and efficient pastor. He still lives, and resides in Christian County, Ky. In the fall of 1857 Rev. J. M. Gill was chosen pastor. He came from Tennessee, and took charge of the Green River Female Academy. Under his ministry the congregation has been in great harmony.

About four years ago the congregation erected a new house, which reflects great credit upon them and their pastor, who is still laboring as usual in the church.

Elkton Christian Church was organized in Elkton, Ky., on August 27, 1837, with the following members: B. C. Ritter, C. Cheatham, Alexander Cheatham, J. D. Garrod, R. Greenfield, Mary C. Bell, D. T. Smith, J. R. Perkins, Lawson Cheatham, Sarah Cheatham and Susan Kay. The meetings were first held in the second story of the court house. In 1850 the present church was erected on Main Street at a cost of about $1,500. Among the ministers who have watched over this flock have been Enoch Glascock, Job Harvey, George P. Street, John E. Furgerson, John N. Mulky, W. E. Mobley, C. M. Day and A. L. Johnson. Since 1878 W. E. Mobley has been filling a second pastorate very acceptably to the people here. The present membership is about sixty-five. The present officers of the church are: Elders, Dr. J. O. McReynolds and G. P. Street, and Clerk, J. O. Street. Preaching services are held on the second Sunday in each month. The present average attendance of the Sunday-school is about thirty-five. Present officers: J. O. Street, Superintendent; S. H. Wells, Secretary. Teachers: Mrs. Dr.. E. P. Russell, Mrs. F. M. Perkins, Mrs. E. P. Street and C. G. Christian.

The colored people have two churches here-Methodist and Baptist-and both seem to be prospering nicely.

Vespers’ Lodge, No. 71, A. F. & A. M., of Elkton, was first formed under dispensation on March 16, 1821. Among the original members were Jephtha Wells, Archibald King, Thomas Bridges, William Gaul, Willis L. Reaves, R. B. New, John Belamy, Squire H. Boone, James R. Gray, S. W. Ewing, George L. Cabanis and Newton Fox. In October of the same year a charter was granted to the lodge, signed by Henry Clay as Grand Master of Kentucky. The first officers under this charter were: John S. Robson, M.; James P. Thomas, S. W.; Jac. Baird, J. W.; James Hammond, Secretary; Samuel Ewing, Treasurer; John T. Alderson, S. D.; Jasper Anderson, J. D.; William Bean, S. and T. After the building of the court house the sessions of the ‘lodge were held in the second story of that building until about 1854, when a hall was fitted up over E. Garth’s store, and here the lodge met for some time. At one time, especially just before the war, the lodge was very large, having over 100 members. After the war it began to run down, and about 1873, owing to dissensions, it was found necessary to surrender its charter.

There was also an Odd-Fellows lodge here, but it was transferred to another point F. S. Tyler.


Battle, J. H., W. H. Perrin, Counties of Todd and Christian, Kentucky : historical and biographical, Chicago : F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1884.

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