Clay County, Kentucky Family Tree’s

Smith Family Tree

Father – Steve Smith possible son of Elias & Eddy Smith & Liza Lewis, daughter of Judah Lewis & Rebecca Hoskins
Son Daniel Smith born about 1876
Mother – Bud Baker (Franklin James Baker) son of Thomas Baker & Elvira Stubblefield
& Linda/Malinda Frederick
Daughter Vesta (Nirvesta) Baker born about 1882

Daniel Smith married Vesta Baker  April 13, 1899
Daniel & Vesta had 7 children, including my grandfather, Arla Smith.

Gray Family Tree

 James Gray
Gadi Gray
Stephan Gray married Lucinda Bowling
John Gray married Sally Henson
William Gray

Elisha Abner Sr
Enoch Abner Sr
Enoch Abner Jr married Catherine Lewis
William Abner married Julie Cottongim
Sarah E. Abner

William Gray married Sarah E. Abner wed on April 16, 1899
Sarah was the second marriage.  First marriage was to Sarah’s sister Jenny.
William was father to 22 children, including my grandmother, Clara Gray

Arla Smith was born July 10, 1913.
He died January 16, 1983 in his home in Grove City, Ohio.
Clara Gray Smith was born February 7, 1912.
She died April 4, 1994 at her home in Grove City, Ohio.
Arla and Clara are both buried in Grove City.
They were married on February 10, 1932 and had five children.

Owens Family Tree

1) Reuben Owen & Fanny Hatfield
2) John Owens & Eliza Evans
John Johnson & Margaret (Johnson)?
3) Larkin Owens married Sarah Jane Johnson on
September 28, 1889 in Laurel County, KY
Larkin and Sarah Jane are buried in Old Salem Baptist
Church Cemetery in Laurel County, KY.
Son:   John Owens — My Grandfather

Jones Family Tree

1) Preston & Elizabeth Jones
John & Susan Brumley
Andy & Adagil Gibson
2) Billy Jones & Thursa Jones
Messinger Brumley & Alabama Gibson
3) Reuben Jones married Margaret Brumley on October 19, 1895
Reuben and Margaret are buried in Engine Cemetery.
Daughter:  Hettie Jones — My Grandmother

John G. Owens was born March 11, 1899 in London, KY.
He died Dec. 27, 1964 in Laurel County, KY.
Hettie Jones was born May 8, 1905 in Garrard, KY.
She died July 2, 1975 in Clay County, KY.
They were married April 9, 1924 at Crawfish, KY.
John and Hettie are both buried at Engine Cemetery in Clay County, KY.

7 thoughts on “Clay County, Kentucky Family Tree’s”

  1. I am looking for information on the Morgan, Owens, and Kee families. They are originally from North Carolina, later to come to Russell County, Va. My husband’s family is from Elkhorn City, Ky and they are the Owens that originated from William S. Owens and Tabitha Potter. Ellis Owens was Abner Owens son, who was son of William. Beyond this, the trail is a little cold. However, Tabitha Kee married a John Farmer in Grayson Co., Va in 1821 and I have been trying to connect these dots for sometime. Some of the names in your pieced tell me that since they are Owens and some of the first names are suspiciously similar , perhaps this family is someway no matter how remote, related.

  2. I am looking for info on Arra Roberts born 1878 daughter of William J Roberts born 1851 and Orlena Hoskins born 1853 all of Clay County. Arra Roberts had several children: Dewey, Verdie, Lola, Mary, Sallie, and Johnie. Any marriage or death records info would be appreciated.

  3. Hello gene searching for gggg john smith 1752 nc-1840 ky. married Rebecca Jeffers then Sarah Mosely. Received info that his father was thomas smith ii 1710 ky-1742 ky. that smith
    married Abagail Davis. johns son john g smith 1787-1867 may have been in clay co before went to todd then illinois. he did have a son in 1829 in todd co robert sandford smith
    -1913 who married sarah c,bryan. had one son at least john smith
    i appreciate the guidance and advice helps tys for this great american institution keep it alive for future generations to invest in. -families!

    1. I’m interested in what you may know about an Abel smith born to John smith NC 1806-7. Who grew up in Owsley/ Clay county before removing to Illinois and later Warren County Iowa. You dated and names match with what I have. Smith genealogy is fun. 😀

      1. Loretta Mosley Burick

        I was wondering if you had any record of a William Smith born 1806/07 in NC or VA. He married 1st. to Margaret Whittamore b 1807 in NC. and married 2nd. to Nancy Scott b 1840 in Clay Co., Kentucky. William Smith was on the 1880 census in Pigeon Roost, Clay Co., Kentucky. His grandson was John Smith b 25 December 1857 born in Clay Co., Kentucky, and married Nancy Cornett.

  4. Seeking any information on William Riley Swafford & family listed in the 1860 census of Clay County, KY. He was born in 1802 in North Carolina and married a Elizabeth Smith about 1822, b 1802 in Tennessee. They were listed in the 1830,40,50,60 & 70 in the clay County , Ky census. in the 1860 census his father, Isaac Swafford was living with William Riley there. Isaac Swafford (father) married Polly (Mary) Smith around 1793. Some family members were buried there and that info would be helpful. Thank you.

  5. Good Day. I. Am a descendent of CLARK MILLS ( great grandfather) died in Clay County, Kentucky. Looking for info on his parents and family He married SARAH CLARKSTON
    . ( Grand mother }in Clay Cointy. They Are both buried in the Mills Family CTomemetery, Ashers Fork, (Manchester) Kentucky.

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