Hadensville, Todd County, Kentucky

What is known as Old Hadensville originally stood about one mile from the present village of that name on land now owned by Mr. Smith, and here some of the ruins of the buildings can yet be seen. As early, probably, as 1815, Elijah Haden settled on this farm, and it being a crossing of two public roads, he commenced to merchandise there, and for many years he did an extensive business. He was succeeded by Dr. Burton, who had a store there in about 1821. Alexander Chesnut merchandised there in about 1830. John C. Harlan, whom we have mentioned above, also did business there for many years. About the last man to engage in merchandising there was Holland Uppenheimer, who continued in business until 1860. In that year the Memphis Branch of Louisville & Nashville road was run through this district, passing about a mile to the south of the old place. It ran through the land of Richard Hollins, who proceeded to donate land for depot and railroad purposes, and also proceeded to lay out a town. This gentleman had come to this district from Louisa County, Va., in 1837, and settled on that farm. After the town had been laid out he merchandised there until his death. His son, R. T. Hollins, succeeded him, and is still doing an excellent business there. Some years ago Dr. H. F. Randol started up a drug store there. In 1882 he sold out to R. Graham, Jr., who is still doing business. In 1866 W. L. Kimbrough opened a store there and continued in business for twelve years. This gentleman’s father came to this district in 1819, and was for many years one of the leading farmers of the district, owning at one time about 1,000 acres. The village now contains about a dozen houses, and is at present one of the voting places of the district. Ed O’Brien is at present the Station and Express Agent.


Battle, J. H., W. H. Perrin, Counties of Todd and Christian, Kentucky : historical and biographical, Chicago : F. A. Battey Publishing Co., 1884.

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  1. Searching for Family Grave Yard at Spring Hill near Hadensville, Todd Co., KY called Merritt Family Farm Cemetery,
    Trying to locate
    Dr Daniel Ross Merritt, Sr headstone (if there is one)

    Could you direct me to the area?

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