Shoptaugh’s Account Books, Meade County, Kentucky

From an old blacksmith’s account book beginning November 12, 1833, the following names appear:

Joseph Woolfolk
Lewis Richardson
James Reed
Ezra Shaver
Thomas Rush
John Wimp
Hugh Isler
John Long
Lewis Darnell
Benjamin Shacklett
Lerite Clark
James Wimp
David Smith
Heli Kendall
John Rush
John Stinnet
Leon Coopper
Miles Sheppard
John Shepherd
Jacob Shaver
John Vanmeter
Benjamin Keeth
Dannel Mathes
Orlando Stinnet
John Shacklet
Thomas Toben
Dannel Fulton
Jesse Howl
Samuel Overton
George Frymire
Lewis Alexander
John McBrown
Fleimnen Edmon
William C. Miehal
William Roberts
John Williams
Dick Payne
Thomas Roberts
Jacob Ragon
Warron Richardson
Cleveland Clark
William Toben
James Crutcher
Alpheus Tucker

This smith, James Shoptaugh, manufactured a small quantity of nails for one of his customers. In another account book there is the solemn record of one item of one quart of whiskey purchased every day except Saturday when two quarts were purchased.

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