Adair County Land Records Index: 1807-1811

The Adair County Land Records Index is an index of land records for Adair County, Kentucky for the years of 1807-1811 as found in Book B, Kentucky State Archives microfilm roll #828890.

There are many ink smears and stains on the microfilm.

282Abell, Fenton Crasonindenture
102Abell, Jeremiahindenture
408Alesbery, Sally & Isaacindenture
35Allen, Johnindenture
290Allen, Johnindenture
368Allen, Johnindenture
428Allen, Johnquit deed
441Allen, Johnindenture
157Allen, Robertindenture
92Allen, Williamapprenticeship
77Anderson, Johnindenture
110Anderson, Johnindenture
330Anderson, Johnindenture
386Anderson, John & Sallyindenture
501Anderson, John & Sallyindenture
150Anderson, Robertindenture
234Anderson, Robertindenture
356Anderson, Robertindenture
248Archer, Meredithpoa
449Armstrong, Benjaminindenture
284Armstrong, William & Sarahindenture
65Asberry, Josephindenture
448Asberry, Josephindenture
66Asberry, Joseph & Millyindenture
103Atwood, Jamesindenture
222Bailey, Elishaindenture
446Bailey, Williamindenture
19Baily, Elishaindenture
123Baker, Sameulindenture
333Baker, Samuelindenture
503Baker, Samuel & Ruthindenture
288Ball, Reubenpoa
301Ball, Robertindenture
83Barbridge, Jeremiah & Eastorindenture
199Barbridge, William & Susannaindenture
175Barns, Williampoa
124Batsel, John Sr & Elizabethindenture
96Beard, Hughindenture
108Beard, Hughindenture
159Beard, Hughindenture
209Beard, Hughindenture
308Beard, Hughemancipation
2Beard, James & Jeanny (Clendenmon)poa
4Beard, Johnindenture
122Beard, John Srindenture
280Beard, John Srindenture
403Beard, John Sr  indenture
361Beard, John Sr & Margaretindenture
471Beard, John Sr & Margaretindenture
45Beard, Samuel & Rebeccah & John Srindenture
84Beards, John Sr & Margaretindenture
443Beatty, Corneliusindenture
339Bell, Johnpoa
340Bell, Robert & Johnpoa
251Bishop, Davidindenture
287Blair, Colbertindenture
231Blane, Jamesbond
268Bowman, Elijah & Elizabethindenture
401Bowmar, Benjaminindenture
38Bradley, Sionindenture
215Bradshaw, Williamindenture
189Brafford, Robertindenture
208Brafford, Robertindenture
322Brafford, Robertindenture
73Brents, Samuelpoa
255Brents, Samuelindenture
374Brents, Samuelindenture
379Brents, Samuelindenture
79Bristoe, Sarahpoa
188Brockman, Thomas & Abrahambill of sale
87Brown, Larkinindenture
325Browning, Francispoa
88Bryant, William Gindenture
306Buchanon, Josephindenture
465Burbridge, Benjaminindenture
218Burbridge, Thomas (decd)indenture
113Burney, James Gindenture
76Caldwell, David & Lucyindenture
13Caldwell, Williamindenture
14Caldwell, Williamindenture
94Caldwell, Williamindenture
100Caldwell, Williamindenture
133Caldwell, Williamindenture
176Caldwell, Williampoa
196Caldwell, Williamindenture
198Caldwell, Williamindenture
229Caldwell, Williamindenture
250Caldwell, Williamindenture
276Caldwell, Williamindenture
298Caldwell, Williamindenture
319Caldwell, Williamindenture
362Caldwell, Williamindenture
417Caldwell, Williambill of sale
429Caldwell, Williamquit deed
226Caldwell, William & Nancyindenture
155Callison, Josephindenture
352Cartright, Josephindenture
271Carvender, Charles & Maryindenture
47Casey, Williamindenture
240Casey, Williamindenture
243Casey, William & Janeindenture
134Caughan, Jamesindenture
372Chapman, Joseph & Catharinepoa
261Chilton, Thomasindenture
55Chilton, Thomas Jindenture
502Chilton, Thomas Jindenture
504Chilton, Thomas Jindenture
71Christerson, Robertindenture
3Clendenmon, Johnpoa
26Coffee, Clevelandindenture
346Coffee, Nathan & Betsyindenture
434Coffey, Chesleypoa
41Coffey, Eleazaindenture
44Coffey, Joel Srindenture
342Coffey, Josephindenture
235Coffey, Newtonindenture
457Coffey, Ruthefordpoa
497Coffey, Sallathialindenture
499Coffey, Sallathialindenture
171Coleman, Thomasindenture
106Colhoon, Jamesassignee
500Conley, Jamesindenture
145Connelly, James Sr & Williampoa
61Conover, Learyindenture
204Cooper, Frederick & Christopherindenture
295Cownover, Garrettindenture
300Cownover, Garrett & Levi & Janeindenture
285Cox, Jamesindenture
278Cox, Johnindenture
442Craddock, Robertindenture
32Craig, Toliver & elizabethindenture
64Craig, Toliver & elizabethindenture
393Craig, William Dindenture
104Creel, Cagerindenture
477Creel, Elijahpartnership
141Crummuley, Samuelquit deed
487Cundiff, Richardindenture
338Cunningham, Malinorepoa
461Curtsinger, Georgeindenture
315Davenport, Martinindenture
331Davis, Jonathan Pindenture
213Davis, Williamindenture
360Dawson, Hannahindenture
154Dawson, James & Elijahindenture
463Dawson, Josephindenture
373Dehoney, Rhodespoa
252Dennis, Peter & Maryindenture
46Dennison, David & Maryindenture
48Dennison, David & Maryindenture
97Dennison, David & Maryindenture
111Diddle, Williamindenture
302Dillingham, Peterindenture
178Dodson, Joseph Nevillindenture
7Dohoney, Rhodesindenture
8Dohoney, Rhodes & Jennyindenture
328Doty, Johnindenture
179Doty, John & Rebechahindenture
363Douglas, Nathaniel & Annindenture
459Dowell, Benjaminpoa
274Downing, Jamespoa
9Dudley, William  indenture
214Dudley, William & Salleyindenture
6Dudley, William & Sallyindenture
299Duncan, Marshalindenture
335Edmund, Jamesindenture
411Elliott, Alexander & Pollyindenture
86Ellison, Ephraim & Betseyindenture
369Estes, Peter & Williampoa
351Eve, Josephpoa
398Ewing, Andrewindenture
115Field, Johnindenture
476Field, Johnpartnership
345Field, Williamindenture
143Foster, Williamindenture
67Freeman, Johnindenture
347Freeman, Johnindenture
383Freeman, John & Charlotteindenture
267Gentry, Nicholas (heirs)indenture
269George, William & Sarahindenture
498Gibbs, Johnindenture
355Gilbreath, Hughindenture
453Gilbreath, Hugh & Hannaindenture
217Gilbreath, Johnindenture
317Gilbreath, Johnindenture
484Gilbreath, John & Maryindenture
329Gillet, Urbenindenture
376Gilmer, Jamesindenture
378Gilmer, Jamesindenture
381Gilmer, Jamesindenture
397Gilmer, Jamesindenture
404Gilmer, James & Janeindenture
98Gilmore, Jamesindenture
424Gorden, David Sr & Jessepoa
414Grady, Linsfieldindenture
415Grady, Linsfield & Millyindenture
337Gragg, Benmahindenture
140Graham, Williampoa
59Grandy, Lunfieldindenture
239Green, Edwardpoa
416Green, George Gbill of sale
506Green, Obed  indenture
475Green, Obed & Edwardindenture
263Grundy, John & Janeindenture
265Grundy, John & Janeindenture
422Gryder, Frederick Srindenture
458Gryder, Martinpoa
180Guillete, Arlainindenture
266Guillete, Urbinindenture
264Gullet, Urbenindenture
474Hammond, Johnindenture
444Hancock, Semonindenture
348Handy, Jesseindenture
174Handy, Jesse & Elizabethindenture
270Hardin, Alexander & Janeindenture
392Hardin, Markindenture
197Hart, Charles & Sallyindenture
312Haskins, Creed & Sallyindenture
193Haydon, Robertindenture
195Hays, Charles & Maryindenture
430Helm, Johnindenture
353Hill, Josephindenture
365Hill, Joseph & Elizabethindenture
173Hindman, Robertbill of sale
151Holliday, Zachariahindenture
39Holmes, Josephindenture
238Holmes, Josephpoa
358Holmes, Joseph & Hughindenture
455Holmes, Samuel & Pegyindenture
224Hoofman, Michaelindenture
227Hughes, Blackmoreindenture
228Hughes, Blackmore & Nancyindenture
432Hughs, Blackmorebill of sale
216Hull, Casonindenture
241Hurst, Williamindenture
244Hurst, Williamindenture
99Hurt, Nathan & Francisindenture
479Hurt, Williamindenture
69Hutchison, Matthewindenture
120Hutchison, Matthew & Comfortindenture
494Jackson, Williamindenture
230Johnson, Johnbond
258Jones, Charlesindenture
454Jones, Jesseindenture
166Jones, Robertbill of sale
168Jones, Robertbill of sale
17Kams, Thomasindenture
144Karns, Abrahamindenture
161Karns, Jobindenture
163Karns, Thomasindenture
286Kirk, Robertindenture
91Kirkpatrick, Jamesapprenticeship
68Lamine, William & Susannaindenture
1Lapsley, James & Josephindenture
279Lawson, Williamindenture
468Leeper, Jamesindenture
245Lipscomb, Bernard & Maryindenture
277Luttles, Benjamin & Nancyindenture
220Major, Robert & Millyindenture
388May, Jesseindenture
242Mcanelly, Johnindenture
89McCartey, Jamesindenture
310McCarty, Johncharges
435McClain, Johnpoa
131McClane, John & Pollyindenture
419McDaniel, Williampoa
472McDowell, James & Mathewindenture
357McKenzie, Alexanderindenture
423McLaughlin, Danielindenture
467McNealy, Williambill of sale
119McNeely, Williampoa
293McNeely, Williampoa
382McNeely, Williamindenture
481McNeely, William & Peggyindenture
439Meredith, Danielindenture
452Miller, Alexanderindenture
203Miller, Christopherquit deed
438Miller, Elizabeth & Adamindenture
390Miller, Jacobindenture
200Miller, Johnindenture
135Miller, John & Dicyindenture
281Miller, John & Elijah & et alindenture
505Miller, John & Nathanielindenture
156Miller, Joseph & Lillyindenture
158Miller, Joseph & Lillyindenture
95Miller, Joseph Srindenture
109Millikin, James & Jennyindenture
181Millison, Jamespoa
5Minter, Williamindenture
12Minter, Williamindenture
15Minter, Williamindenture
223Minter, Williamindenture
256Mitchell, Jamesindenture
305Mitchell, Jamesindenture
206Montgomery, Jamesindenture
336Montgomery, Jamesindenture
359Montgomery, Robert & Pollyindenture
101Montgomery, Samuel & Hannahindenture
105Montgomery, William  & Heirsindenture
70Montgomery, William & Elizabethindenture
81Montgomery, William & Elizabethindenture
212Montgomery, William Jrindenture
139Moore, Josephpoa
482Morison, John Sr & Nellyindenture
289Morning, Johnpoa
29Morris, Richardindenture
272Moss, William & Davidindenture
27Murphey, Joseph & Prudenceindenture
31Murphey, Joseph & Prudence & Peterindenture
149Murry, Williamdisposition
57Naylor, Benjamin & Deborahindenture
62Naylor, Nicholasindenture
184Neat, Randolphindenture
107Nelson, Josephassignee
253Nelson, Joseph & Suseyindenture
136Noel, Alexanderindenture
334Noel, Alexander & Sallyindenture
426Oldaker, Jacobindenture
450Orin, Mosesindenture
311Orms, Ellicharges
489Osbern, Elijahindenture
90Owen, Johnindenture
112Owen, William & Pollyindenture
375Owens, Williamindenture
377Owens, Williamindenture
380Owens, Williamindenture
396Owens, Williamindenture
433Patterson, Hughs & Mary & Johnbill of sale
153Patterson, Johnindenture
207Patterson, Johnindenture
399Patterson, Johnindenture
75Patterson, Josephindenture
211Patterson, Josephindenture
49Patterson, Samuelindenture
56Patterson, Samuel & Maryindenture
58Patterson, Samuel & Maryindenture
132Patterson, Williamindenture
324Payton, Josephpoa
273Perry, George & Josephpoa
421Perryman, Williamindenture
16Phelps, Abrahamindenture
127Phelps, Shardrackindenture
129Phelps, Shardrackindenture
431Philips, Thomasindenture
427Pile, Birditt & Thomas C & Williamquit deed
85Pile, Thomas Cindenture
275Pile, Thomas Cindenture
367Pile, Thomas Cindenture
409Pile, Thomas Cindenture
114Pile, Thomas C & Betseyindenture
440Pile, Thomas C & Betseyindenture
318Pile, Thomas C & Betsyindenture
495Pile, Thomas C & Elizaindenture
303Pile, Thomas C & Eliza & William W & Kitty Annindenture
201Pile, Williamdivision of negroes
210Pile, William & Pollyindenture
297Pointeorton, Thomasindenture
391Pope, Josephindenture
24Pope, William Sr & Josephdeed of gift
316Powel, Lewisindenture
321Powel, Lewisindenture
309Price, Pugh Jr & Martin & et alindenture
246Quarles, Tunstallindenture
387Reading, Williamindenture
30Reasill, Charlesindenture
259Reatherford, Dudley & Catherineindenture
232Reavell, Charles & Mile & Franklinindenture
233Reavell, Charles & Sallyindenture
384Reavell, Nancyindenture
236Reavill, Charles & Nancyindenture
37Redmon, Aaronindenture
50Reynold, William & Jennyindenture
262Reynolds, Georgeindenture
370Reynolds, Georgeindenture
485Richards, Aaronindenture
146Richardson, Edwardpatent
147Richardson, Edwardbill of sale
341Richetts, Caleb H & Annindenture
343Richetts, Caleb H & Annindenture
25Ricketts, Caleb Hindenture
34Ricketts, Caleb Hindenture
40Ricketts, Caleb Hindenture
43Ricketts, Caleb Hindenture
344Riperdan, Frederickindenture
437Riperdan, Frederickindenture
507Riperdan, Frederickindenture
291Rippetoe, Williamindenture
350Roberts, Thomaspoa
349Roger, Williamindenture
254Rogers, Johnindenture
478Rountree, Samuel & Susanah & Richard & Francescaindenture
93Rountree, Samuel & Susanna & Richardindenture
464Rucker, Eliottindenture
296Russel, William & Pollyindenture
125Rutherford, Dudleyindenture
167Rutledge, Isaacbill of sale
169Rutledge, Isaacbill of sale
366Ryan, Josephindenture
447Ryon, Joseph & Elizabethindenture
51Settles, Williamindenture
389Shanks, James dindenture
165Shirley, Georgeindenture
170Shirley, Johnindenture
186Shirley, Johnindenture
469Shirley, Johnindenture
121Shirley, Thomasindenture
304Shirly, Thomasindenture
473Shults, Johnindenture
18Slater, John Tindenture
260Slatton, Freyindenture
192Slaughter, Phillippoa
78Sloan, Jamesindenture
418Smith, Christianpoa
82Spark, Johnindenture
22Staff, John Srindenture
126Staff, John Srindenture
128Staff, John Srindenture
138Staff, John Sr & Jamesindenture
130Staff, John Sr & John Jrindenture
160Stapp, Gholsonindenture
162Stapp, Gholsonindenture
148Stapp, John  bill of sale
425Stapp, John  indenture
407Stapp, John & William & Rachel & James & Gholsonindenture
137Stapp, John Sr & Benjaminindenture
21Steele, Robertindenture
194Stevens, Jamesindenture
486Stewart, Williamindenture
182Stillwell, Danielpoa
456Stone, Johnindenture
364Stotts, Thomasindenture
412Stotts, Thomasindenture
413Stotts, Thomas & Patseyindenture
307Strange, Archelus Aindenture
72Street, Joseph  poa
10Street, Joseph & Johnrelinquishment
406Sutton, Polly & Edmundindenture
52Tate, John & Marthaindenture
142Taylor, Johnquit deed
53Telford, Johnindenture
320Thomas, Charlesindenture
420Thomas, Charlesindenture
445Thomas, Charlesindenture
185Thomas, Robert & Sallyindenture
183Thomas, Robert & Sarahindenture
257Thomas, Robert & Sarahindenture
247Thompson, Williampoa
219Tilford, Andrewindenture
117Tilford, Jamespoa
394Todd, Robertquit deed
172Tolen, Marquesbill of sale
74Trabue, Daniel & Pollyindenture
42Trabue, Daniel & Robertpoa
402Trabue, Robertindenture
11Trabue, Robert & Danielindenture
354Triplett, Johnindenture
23Triplett, Williamindenture
314Truax, David & Maryindenture
36Truax, Isaac & Betseyindenture
483Truax, Isaac & Betsey & Johnindenture
283Tudor, Pollyindenture
205Turk, Thomasindenture
323Turk, Thomasindenture
326Turnbough, Georgeindenture
436Turnbow, John & Margetindenture
225Turnbow, Josephindenture
177Vandeveer, Thomasindenture
63Vaughan, Jamesindenture
332Vaughan, Jamesindenture
466Vaughan, Jamesbill of sale
118Votan, John Jrpoa
313Waggenor, Reubenindenture
190Waggoner, Reubenindenture
191Waggoner, Reubenpoa
221Waggoner, Reubenindenture
237Waggoner, Reubenindenture
405Waggoner, Reubenindenture
395Walker, Davidquit deed
400Walker, Josephindenture
152Walker, Joseph & Kellyindenture
116Walkup, Josephpoa
33Warren, Williamindenture
202Watkins, Jessequit deed
20Weare, Philip & Nancyindenture
28Wheat, Josephindenture
410White, Andersonindenture
460White, Henry & Susannaindenture
462White, Henry & Susannaindenture
385White, Stephen & Aggy & Jesseindenture
491Whitlock, Charlesindenture
493Whitlock, Charlesindenture
490Whitlock, Charles  indenture
488Whitlock, Charles & Williamindenture
249Wier, Jamesindenture
327Williams, Aaronindenture
480Willis, William Sr & Jrindenture
492Wilson, Nathanielindenture
54Woley, William & Annaindenture
371Woolford, Johnindenture
451Worley, Williamindenture
496Worley, Williamindenture
60Wyate, Walton & Elizabethindenture
292Wyatt, Walter & Elizabethpoa
294Wyatt, Walter & Elizabethindenture
80Yates, Warnapoa
164Yates, Warnerindenture
187Yates, Warnerindenture
470Yates, Warner (heirs)indenture

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