Historic Post Offices in Meade County Kentucky

At first glance, a list of post offices might seem irrelevant to a genealogist. However, when dealing with historical records, researchers frequently encounter references to locations that no longer exist but were once significant. This list of post offices that operated in Meade County, Kentucky, at various points in history serves as a prime example. As a researcher, once you confirm the existence of a specific post office (or the town or community it served), you can explore its history further. By examining the date the post office closed and searching for contemporaneous newspaper articles, you might uncover why it was shut down. Often, these places were already diminishing, rendering the post office superfluous as communities evolved or disappeared, however, sometimes the location simply changed names.

Andersonville (1884-1890)
Andyville (1890-1965)
Ashcraft (1898-1905)
Bartles (1900-1941)
Battletown (1890-Current)
Big Bend (1914-1921)
Birksville (1860-1860)
Bombay (1894/1907)
Boone’s Landing (1828/1830)
Boonsport (1834-1840)
Brandenburg (1892-Current)
Brandenburgh (1825-1892)
Campbell (1856-1956)
Cedar Landing (1871-1871)
Cedarbranch (1906-1913)
Concordia (1880-1967)
Crecelius (1897-1914)
Dick (1896-1906)
Ekron (1889-Current)
Flaherty (1883-1906)
Flint Island (1840-1880)
Garnettsville (1838-1906)
Garret (1857-1862)
Garrett (1866-1906)
Good Springs (1850-1851)
Grahamton (1880-1907)
Groveland (1897-1906)
Guston (1889-Current)
Hayesville (1876-1884)
Hill Grove (1864-1904)
Little York (1819/1873)
Lodale (1932-1945)
Long Branch (1889-1905)
Meadville (1851-1864)
Milan (1894-1911)
Muldraugh (1874/Current)
Oolite (1910-1958)
Payneville (1868-Current)
Peckenpaugh (1883-1913)
Pennebaker (1882-1897)
Pilcher (1915-1925)
Plain Dealing (1825-1838)
Rhodelia (1879-Current)
Richardson’s Landing (1868/1894)
Richardsons Landing (1894-1932)
Roberta (1906-1955)
Rock Haven (1848/1956)
Singleton (1893-1904)
Sirocco (1881-1958)
Stapleton (1855-1873)
Twin Cave (1900-1901)
Victoria (1880-1880)
Weldon (1889-1914)
White Cloud (1847-1849)
Willowdale (1892/1897)
Wolf Creek (1862-1967)
Woodland (1888-1904)

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