Hart County Kentucky Civil War Soldiers

This information was abstracted from The Judge Ray Cann Records. It is a list of all soldiers from Hart County, Kentucky who participated in the Civil War.

LastFirstUnit and Information
AckridgeRobertCo K, 26th KY Infantry
AckridgeThomas W.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
AckridgeWilliamCo A, 13th KY Infantry
AdairMonroeno data
AdcockJohn H.no data
AkinWilliam B.no data
AmosLittle BerryCo K, 26th KY Infantry
AmosRasno data
AndersonGeorge W.Co H, 10th KY Infantry
AndersonGuy W.Co A, 10th KY Infantry
AngleJohn W.Co L, 26th KY Infantry
ApplebyJohn B.Co L, 26th KY Infantry
ApplebyRanceno data
ApplebyTaylorno data
ArnettPleas J.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
ArnettSamno data
ArnettValentineCo A, 13th KY Infantry
AshCharles W.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
AshThomas W.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
AtwellAaronCo B, 21st KY Infantry
AtwellA. J.Co K, 21st KY Infantry
AtwellJoel B.Co B, 21st KY Infantry
AtwellJohn T.Co B, 21st KY Infantry
AveryJames W.Co F, 15th Ky Infantry
BaleRuben V.Co F, 15th KY Infantry
BarberIsaac L.no data
BarberIsaacCo L, 26th KY Infantry
BastinJames B.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
BeatyWilliamCo I, 26th KY Infantry
BeltonCaptain E. C.no data
BennettWilliamno data
BenningfieldCorporal Fleming C.Co E, 27th Ky Infantry
BenningfieldJohn S.Co E, 27th KY Infantry
BevilCorporal W. M.Co F, 21st KY Infantry
BinghamJacobCo I, 15th KY Infantry
BinghamJames H.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
BishopBuen E.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
BlakeyFelix, 1st Lt.no other info
BlakeyGeorgeno data
BoltonAllen Butlerno data
BoltonCaptain AylettState Trooper
BoltonCaptain Long PorterCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
Bomer1st Lt. John L.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
BosticGabrielCo ?, 26th KY Infantry
BosticSgt. George L.Co L, 26th KY Infantry
BosticColonel Hiramno data
BostonGeorgeno data
BostonHiramCo E, 7th KY Infantry
BostonSgt. Julious F.Co K, 26th KY Infantry and Co E, 7th KY Infantry
BowlesGeorge L.Co K, 26th KY Infantry (deserted)
BowlesGeorge W.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
BowlesJesseeCo I, 26th KY Infantry
BowlesSgt. John L.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
BowlesNicholasCo B, 26th KY Infantry
BowlesThomasCo I, 26th KY Infantry
BowlesWilliamCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
BowlingJames Madison3rd Batt. Artillery
BowlingJohn L.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
BowlingDr. W.W.Confederate
BowmanJohnno data
BowmanCpl. William L.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
BratcherBerryCo B, 9th, 26th, KY Cavalry
BratcherDaveno data
BrentMajor John A.Co A, 1st KY Cavalry
BrentCaptain John D.5th KY Cavalry
BrentJohn C.9th KY Cavalry
BrentJohn T.Co E, 30th KY Infantry
BrentSamno data
BrentsJoshua Miltonno data
BrewerNathanCo H, 26th KY Infantry
Brooks1st Lt. Bird P. BrooksCo C, 2nd KY Cavalry
Brooks1st Lt. John L.2nd KY Cavalry
BrooksNathanDo K, 26th KY Infantry
BrooksPerry C.Co G, 3rd KY Cavalry
BrooksWilliam H.Co K, 21st KY Infantry
BrownGeorge B.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
BrownJoeno data
BrownOwenCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
Bryant2nd Lt. William A.21st KY Infantry
Byan1st Lt. Frank11th KY Infantry
BucknerAllenCo K, 26th KY Infantry
BucknerFrankno data
BucknerHenryCo K, 5th KY Infantry
BucknerRobertCo K, 5th KY Infantry
BucknerGen. S. B.Confederate
BullockWilliam A.Co F, 21st KY Infantry
BumgardnerEmmetno data
BumgardnerJacobCo L, 15th KY Infantry
BunchThomas J.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
BurdAndrew J.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
BurdCharles W.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
BurdJohn Willno data
BurdWilliamno data
BushAndrew J.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
BushHenry B.Co E, 9th KY Cavalry
BushWilliam A.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
ButlerAllenCo D, 2nd KY Infantry
ButlerBenjaminno data
ButlerHardinCo B, 2nd KY Cavalry
ButlerHenryno data
ButlerS. T.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
ButlerSolomanCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
BybeeThomas M.Co F, 21st KY Infantry
CaldwellCaptain IsaacCo G, 13th KY Infantry
CannonChristopher C.Co F, 27th KY Infantry
CannonElijahCo F, 27th KY Infantry
CannonHardinCo F, 27th KY Infantry
CannonJamesno data
CardenSgt. James B.Co D, 33rd KY Infantry
CarterGeorgeno data
CarterCaptain John M. H.no data
CarterTomno data
CarmanChristopherCo F, 27th KY Infantry
CarmanElijahCo F, 27th KY Infantry
CarmanHardinCo F, 27th KY Infantry
CaswellFrancesCo I, 26th KY Infantry
CaswellLewisCo I, 26th KY Infantry
ChildressElishaCo K, 26th KY Infantry
ClawsonGeorge T.Co H, 26th KY Infantry
ClawsonHansford D.no data
CleaverJames M.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
CleaverJessee M.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
CleaverJohn S.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
CleaverWilliam R.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
CloptonJames R.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
CloptonJohnno data
ClymerGeorge E.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
ChandlerOwenno data
ChaplinAbraham, 2nd Lt.13th KY Infantry
ChapmanJohnno data
ChildressElijah C.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
ChristyJohnCo H, 26th KY Infantry
ClausonGeorge T.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
CoatsWilliam H.Co I, 27th KY Infantry
ComptonJoel T.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
ComptonRobert N.Reg. Q.M,   33rd KY Infantry
ConyersWilliam A.Co A, 21st KY Infantry
CookTaylorCo K, 21st KY Infantry
CookW.T.no data
CooperJames T.no data
CosbySgt.   James O.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
CowherdArchieCo K, 5th KY Infantry
CowherdJerry W.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
CoxMilesCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
CoxW.B.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
CurleD.T.Co A, 13th KY Infantry
Crabb2nd Lt. Abraham30th KY Infantry
CraddockBerry C.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
CraddockDavidCo A, 30th KY Infantry
CraddockDavid W.16th KY Infantry
CraddockGeorge H.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
CraddockGeorge WCo A,   30th KY Infantry
CraddockCol. James W.State Troops
CraddockCol. Jesseno data
CraddockCpl. JesseeCo A, 30th KY Infantry
CraddockMaj. Jessee2nd KY Cavalry
CraddockJack T.no data
CraddockJohn T.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
CraddockRobert F.Confederate
CraddockRobert W.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
CraddockThomas J.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
CraddockCol. William B.Co D, 13th KY Infantry
CraddockWilliam H.Co A, 30th KY Mounted Infantry
CraddockWillis G.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
CraneJerry V.Co I, 37th KY Infantry
CraneWilliamno data
CrenshawGeorge M.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
CrittendenLarryCo I, 26th KY Infantry
CroghanMiltonno data
CrouchJohnno data
CrumpJ. H.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
CrumpJoshuaCo I,   26th KY Infantry
DaleJams J.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
DaleRichard W.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
DaleRubenno data
DavidsonMajor John L.2nd KY Infantry
DavisBenjamin B.Co D, 2nd KY Infantry
DavisHustonno data
DawsonAdj. James A.26th KY Infantry
DayJohnno military data but he was born 19 Sep 1842, died 29 May 1906, wife is Elizabeth b 22 Mar 1846, d 27 Mar 1918
DefeversGeorge W.Co L, 6th KY Cavalry
DefeversJohnno data
DefriesG. W.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
DefriesGeorge W.Co L, 6th KY Cavalry
DefriesJ.M.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
DefriesJohnno data
DennisonEdwardCo I, 26th KY Infantry
DickersonWilliam H.Co H, 26th KY Infantry
DixonCol.   DavidCo A, 13th Heavy Artillery
DruenSameul B.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
DyerJames J.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
EatonThomasCo E, 27th KY Infantry
EdwardsJames N.no data
EdwardsWilliam AsburyCo I, 27th KY Infantry
EnnisLush J.no data
FancherC.D.Co K, 21st KY Infantry
FaneNathanno data
FaneWillisno data
FarrisGeorgeno data
FarrisJamesno data
FarrisJohnno data
FarrisSamno data
FarrisThomas D.no data
FenwickFrances M.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
FergusonAlbert A.Co D, 33rd KY Infantry
FergusonAlbert A.Co C, 33rd KY Infantry
FergusonA. M.Co F, 30th KY Infantry
FergusonR. W.Co C, 9th KY Cavalry
FiggettFanno data
Figgett2nd Lt. JimCo C, 27th KY Infantry
FiggettJohn (Jack)no data
FiggettThomas D.no data
FlowersShermanno data
ForbisBenjamin C.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
ForbisFrankno data
FreemanJames M.Co D, 27th KY Infantry
FulksWilliamCo E, 26th KY Infantry
GaddieJames A.Co C, 27th KY Infantry
GaddieRobert B.Confederate – Gen Bragg’s
GaddieTaylorCo F, 37th KY Infantry
GaddieSurgeon William H.30th Mounted Infantry
GallowayWilliam S.Co B, 27th KY Infantry
Gardner1st LT. ElishaCo E, 13th KY Infantry
GardnerJamesCo C, 27th KY Infantry
GardnerJohn A.Co C, 27th KY Infantry
GardnerJohn W.Co K, 4th KY Infantry
GardnerPatrickConfedearte, killed at Lebanon with MORGAN
GardnerWm H.   (surgeon)30th KY Infantry
GarvinHughno data
GarvinJohnno data
GarvinSamno data
GarvinDr. Thomas A.Co B, 2nd KY Cavalry
GentryGeorgeno data
GentryJ. M.Co K, 21st KY Infantry
GentryWilliamCo A, 30th KY Infantry
GentryWilliam D.no data
GibsonAlbert A.Co D, 33rd KY Infantry
GibsonDavidno data
GibsonJames T.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
GoodmanEmmetCo I, 26th KY Infantry
GorinCaptain William FranklinCo K, 26th KY Infantry
GossettHenryCo K, 26th KY Infantry
GrahamWilliam T.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
GrayWilliam P.Co H, 26th KY Infantry
GreenPascalCo K, 26th KY Infantry
GreenThomas B.State Trooper
GumJimno data
GuptonRobert G.Co E, 13th KY Infantry
HaggardJ. N.no data
HaleCorporal R.Co I, 20th KY Infantry
HallJackno data
HallWilliamno data
HallmarkGeorgeno data
HamburgHenryCo C, 26th KY Infantry
HardinNoahCo K, 26th KY Infantry
HardyGeorgeCo H, 21st KY Infantry
HardyJames T.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
HarperHiram L.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
HarperNathanCo B, 9th KY Cavalry
HarperRobertCo I, 26th KY Infantry
HaslipRobertCo I, 26th KY Infantry
HaslipWilliamCo I, 26th KY Infantry
HatcherCorporal C. H.Co C, 13th KY Infantry
HatcherCorporal JerryCo A, 30th KY Infantry
HawkinsJackno data
HeathJamesno data
HeathJohnno data
HeathHiramCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
HelmCol. Peterno data
HensleySamuelCo A, 26th KY Infantry
HichersonJasperCo H, 26th KY Infantry
HicksGeorge W.Co A, 26th KY Infantry
HicksRobert P.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
HicksSamuel A.Co D, 27th KY Infantry
HicksWilliam G.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
HillWilliamno data
HodgesCorporal Milton P.Co B, 9th KY Infantry
HoganRobert T.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
HortonGeorgeno data
HoukTomno data
HowardMalcomno data
HuffCorporal ClaytonCo C, 30th KY Infantry
HuffmanJames H.Co H, 26th KY Infantry
HuffmanOscarno data
HughesArchieno data
IsabellJohn M.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
JacobsPerryno data
JaggersCharles W.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
JaggersHezekiahCo B, 9th KY Cavalry
JaggersJepthaCo B, 9th KY Cavalry
JaggersWilliam H.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
Jenkins1st lt. William T.Co F, 2nd KY Infantry
JenningsMajor John H.Co F, 2nd KY Infantry
JettDr. William H.Surgeon, 26th KY Infantry
JewellJamesno data
JewellJohn R.no data
JewellWilliam T.no data
JohnsonCharlieSubstitute for his brother – Lewis Green Johnson
JohnsonGeorge M.Co F, 27th KY Infantry
JohnsonLewis GreenCo A, 30th KY Infantry
JonesGeorgeCo I, 26th KY Infantry
JonesJohn C.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
JonesMilton T.no data
JonesRobert H.26th KY Infantry
JonesThomas A.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
JonesWilliam T.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
KeithJamesno data
KelleyThomasCo H, 26th KY Infantry
KessingerCorporal BenjaminCo A, 27th KY Infantry
KessingerSolomonCo A, 27th KY Infantry
KesslerAlexanderno data
KiddWilliam D.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
King1st lt. AmbroseCo A, 30th KY Infantry
KinneyJohnCo I, 26th KY Infantry
KinneyJohn B.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
KinneyThomasCo H, 26th KY Cavalry
KirtleyGeorge W.Co a, 11th KY Cavalry
KirtleyCorporal William H.Co e, 27th KY Infantry
KnightJames M.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
KnightThomas J.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
KnightWilliam Jr.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
KnightCaptain William7th KY Cavalry
KnightCaptain and 2nd Lt. William33rd KY Infantry
KniselyGeorge W.Co H, 11th KY Cavalry
LaffertyJ. T.Co F, 32nd KY Infantry
LaffertyThomasCo K, 2nd KY Cavalry
LairdJ. C.Co H, 26th KY Infantry
LairdSgt. J. F.Co D, 26th KY Infantry
LairdCorporal J. W.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
LairdJesse F.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
LairdRobert J.Co H, 26th KY Infantry
Laird1st Lt. Thomas G.Co H, 33rd KY Infantry
LairdWilliam W.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
LeachJacob JamesCo G, 3rd KY Cavalry.  Moved to Maroa, Macon Co, Il after the death of his first wife in 1872.  Died 20 Feb 1907 in Maroa, Macon Co, IL.
LeechPeter O.Co G, 3rd KY Cavalry
LeechPrivate Simeon B.Co H, 11th KY Cavalry.  Also served Co D, 12th KY Cavalry.  He appears on the 1870 Hart Co, KY census and moved shortly thereafter.  He died in Todd Co, KY in 1903.
LewisJohn P.Co B, 35th KY Cavalry
LewisWarner N.Co H, 26th KY Infantry
LileColumbusCo H, 26th KY Infantry
LileCaptain James H.17th KY Cavalry
LinderJames T.Co H, 21st KY Infantry
LinderJohn P.no data
LinderWilliamno data
LivelyCannonCo A, 30th KY Infantry
LobbJohn R.no data
LobbRubenCo A, 21st KY Infantry
LockGeorge H.Co K, 26th KY Cavalry
LockeJohn S.Co C, 6th KY Infantry
LogsdonApple Jackno data
LogsdonApple Jackno data
LogsdonBoasdah?Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
LogsdonCurly Billno data
LogsdonDennisCo B, 9th KY Cavalry
Logsdon2nd Lt. EbieCo ?, 7th KY Infantry
LogsdonCorporal George W.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
LogsdonHarissonCo B, 9th KY Cavalry
LogsdonJames C.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
LogsdonJames H.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
LogsdonJames O.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
LogsdonJohn CrittendenCo B, 9th KY Cavalry
LogsdonJoseph B.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
LogsdonNapoleon B.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
LogsdonOliverCo B, 9th KY Cavalry
LogsdonThomas J.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
LogsdonWilliam H.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
LogsdonWilliam H.Co E, 4th KY Infantry
LogsdonWilliam Jr.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
LogsdonWilliam J. Sr.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
LogsdonWilliam L.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
London2nd Lt. Ebie5th KY Infantry
LondonJames D.Co D, 2nd KY Infantry
LongAbnerCo H, 26th KY Infantry
LongAndrewCo H, 27th KY Cavalry
LongAndrew W.Co D, 2nd KY Infantry
LongAnthonyCo K, 26th KY Infantry
LongAnthony W.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
LongJesseCo I, 26th KY Infantry
LongJohnCo ? 4th KY Infantry
LongWayneno data
LucasBenedithCo M, 9th KY Cavalry
LucasBenjaminCo M, 9th KY Cavalry
LyonIsaacCo D, 27th KY Infantry
McCauleyWilliamno data
McCoySgt. WashCo K, 5th KY Cavalry
McCradyBenjamin F.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
McCubbinGeorge E.Co E, 27th KY Infantry
McCubbinCpl. J. B.Co I, 6th KY Cavalry
McCubbinSamuelno data
McCubbinZachariah W.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
McDonaldSamuel B.no data
McDougalAnthonyno data
McDowellA. W.Co d, 2nd KY Cavalry
McFeleaWilliamno data
McGuffeyTaylorCo K, 5th KY Cavalry
MadisonAselCo F, 11th KY Infantry
MaloneHowardCo F, 32nd KY Infantry
MaloneJamesno data
ManionA. D.Co K, 5th KY Infantry
ManionMartin C.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
ManningPaulCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
MansfieldDavidCo H, 26th KY Infantry
MansfieldJamesno data
MansfieldTomno data
MarrSgt. John C.no data
MartinBatCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
MartinGeorge W.Co K, 21st KY Infantry
MartinCaptain Henry C.Co F, 9th KY Infantry
MartinJ. W.Co B, 3rd KY Cavalry
MartinJames H.Co E, 27th KY Infantry
MartinJohn H.Co E, 9th KY Infantry
MartinWilliamCo G, 3rd KY Cavalry
MarshallPompno data
MarshallRobertno data
MathewsJ. H.Co A, 13th KY Infantry
MathewsJ. M.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
MathewsJ. W.Co J, 37th KY Infantry
MathewsJamesCo B, 9th KY Cavalry
MauldenSidneyno data
Maxey (black)Isonno data
MaxySgt. Major Wiley J.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
MeadowsWilliam B.no data
MeersGeorge W.Co E, 27th KY Infantry
MichemWilliamCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
MiddletonBenjaminCo D, Capitol Guard
MilbyJamesno data
MitchenBerryno data
MoneypennyDavid T.Co K, 5th KY Infantry
MooreJames H.Co D, 2nd KY Infantry
MorrisCaptain Jerman B.Co B, 21st KY Infantry
MossBurfodCo A, 30th KY Infantry
MouserGeorgeno data
MurrayAllno data
MurrayGeorge H.no data
NormanW. T.Co B, 21st KY Infantry
NunnJohn J.no data
NunnWashingtonCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
OldhamCalebCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
OldhamIsamno data
OldhamSamuelCo I, 26th KY Infantry
O’NealPoleyCo H, 26th KY Infantry
OverfeltCorporal Jordan T.Co B, 9th KY Infantry
OwenCorporal Peter TribbleCo H, 21st KY Infantry.  Peter died 17 Feb 1862 of typhoid in the hospital at Camp Fry, Columbia, Adair Co, KY.
OwenCorporal Martin Van BurenCo H, 21st KY Infantry.  Wounded at the battle of Stone River and not fit for service afterward.  Martin died 9 Apr 1864 at home in Rowlette, Hart Co, KY.  He was on furlough.
PattesonWilliam A.no data
PembertonCharlesCo K, 26th KY Infantry
PepperAlbertCo K, 26th KY Infantry
PepperSamuelCo K, 26th KY Infantry
PerkinsJames H.Co H, 26th KY Infantry
PerkinsJohn T.no data
PerkinsLewisCo I, 26th KY Infantry
PerryMiles J.Co D, 3rd KY Infantry
Phillips1st Lt. Dabney A.21st KY Infantry
PhillipsGeorge W.Co K, 21st KY Infantry
PhillipsJessie M.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
PhillipsSimeon W.Co F, 26th KY Infantry
PolstonAlexanderCo A, 2nd KY Volunteer Cavalry
PolstonAndrew M.Co H, 26th KY Infantry
PolstonJamesCo H, 26th KY Infantry
PriceJohn R.Co K, 13th KY Cavalry
PriddyWilliamno data
PuckettCreed T.Co F, 12th KY Cavalry
PuckettCorporal George W.Co F, 26th KY Infantry
PulliamWilliam H.Co D, 2nd KY Infantry
QuinnJamesCo H, 26th KY Infantry
RadarGeorge W.Co H, 26th KY Infantry
RayGeorge W.Co A, 26th KY Infantry
RayJ. P.no data
ReamsRobertCo D, 33rd KY Infantry
ReamsSylvesterCo F, 26th KY Infantry
ReamsCorporal William A.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
ReevesSidno data
ReevesTomno data
RenfroTomno data
Reynolds???Co A, 30th KY Cavalry
ReynoldsAndrewCo G, 3rd KY Cavalry
ReynoldsCalebCo G, 2nd KY Cavalry
ReynoldsDaniel T.Co E, 27th KY Infantry
ReynoldsDavidCo E, 27th KY Infantry
ReynoldsEdwardCo A, 30th KY Infantry
ReynoldsEgbert G.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
ReynoldsJ. C.no data
ReynoldsJames T.Co A,   ?? Ky Infantry
ReynoldsJohn ElzyCo A, 2nd KY Cavalry
ReynoldsRubenCo A, 30th KY Cavalry
ReynoldsSylvesterCo I, 26th KY Infantry
ReynoldsThomasno data
RigdonThomas L.Co K, 37th KY Infantry
RiggsGeorge H.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
RichardsonA. B. (Pokie)no data
RichardsonAllen F.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
RichardsonHenry C.Co K, 5th KY Infantry
RichardsonJ.A.Co A, 31st KY Infantry
RichardsonJames B.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
RichardsonMitno data
RichardsonPresleyCo K, 5th KY Infantry
RichardsonRobertCo I, 26th KY Infantry
Richardson1st Sgt. Stephen L.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
RobinsonBenjamin F.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
RobinsonBennetCo I, 26th KY Infantry
RobinsonNoah S.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
RossCorneliusno data
RountreeJamesCo I, 27th KY Infantry
RourkJamesno data
RuckerRichardCo B, 9th KY Cavalry
RunyonJohn W.Co K, 5th KY Infantry
RushChaplain James C.9th KY Infantry
RushPatrickCo G, 13th KY Infantry
RussellWilliamno data
SaltsmanElijahCo D, 26th KY Infantry
SaltsmanJamesCo K, 26th KY Infantry
SaltsmanSilasCo D, 26th KY Infantry
Sandersno first name Asst. SurgeonCo H, 26th KY Infantry
SandersHarlandCo H, 26th KY Infantry
SandersJ. H.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
SandersJames T.Co D, 2nd KY Infantry
SandersSurgeon Thomas27th KY Infantry
Sanders2nd Lt. Thomas27th KY Infantry
SandersWilliamCo H, 26th KY Infantry
SanduskyEmuelCo A, 30th KY Infantry
SelfGeorge W.Co B, 9th KY Infantry
Self2nd Lt. GreenCo ??, 9th KY Cavalry
SelfJohn W.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
SelfLittle BerryCo H, 26th KY Infantry
SidebottomJohn L.no data
SidebottomJoseph H.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
SharpAbraham A.Co E, 26th KY Infantry
SharpCorneliusCo I, 37th KY Infantry
SharpNeatno data
ShawW.F.Co K, 21st KY Infantry
ShippJimno data
SherfeyJacob W.no data
SheltonJ. W.Co G, 13th KY Cavalry (later in 3rd KY Cavalry)
SheltonJames A.Co ??, 2nd KY Infantry
SheltonJohn B.no data
ShoemakerJesseCo K, 26th KY Infantry
ShoemakerSilas S.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
ShoemakerTandy R.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
ShoemakerWilliamCo K, 26th KY Infantry
ShoemakerWillisCo D, 23rd KY Infantry
SlaughterWilliamno data
SkaggsArchieCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
SkaggsGeorge W.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
SkaggsHiramCo K, 26th KY Infantry
SmithAlec R.no data
SmithDavidCo A, 26th KY Infantry
SmithQ. Master Gann M.13th KY Infantry
SmithGeorgeno data
SmithJeff T.no data
SmithRobert T.Co H, 11th KY Infantry
SmithTom A.no data
SmithWilliamno data
SmythCaptain William A.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
SparksThomasCo A, 37th KY Infantry
SparksT. J.Co #, KY Cavalry
SpearsThomasCo A, 37th KY Infantry
SpencerAlfred D.Co H, 6th KY Cavalry
SryglerJerryno data
StaselJ. T.no data
StewartGeorgeCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
StewartJohnCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
StewartJonathanCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
StewartAsst. Sgt. RobertCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
StoneJohn M.Co H, 26th KY Infantry
StottsJoseph M.Co H, 26th KY Infantry
StreetHenryCo I, 26th KY Infantry
SturgeonJamesCo I, 26th KY Infantry
SturgeonJohn H.Co k, 26th KY Infantry
SturgeonTruaxCo K, 26th KY Infantry
SullivanCorporal J. A.Co E, 26th KY Infantry
SutphenDr. P. C.Confederate
SweeneyWilliam A.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
TaylorBenjaminCo H, 26th KY Infantry
TaylorAsst. Surgeon Flavious13th KY Infantry
TaylorGeorge A.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
Taylor2nd lt. George A.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
TaylorHenryno data
TaylorJohn W.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
TaylorSgt. Major William H.27th KY Infantry
TaylorCaptain ZachariahCo F, 21st KY Infantry
TharpTurnerCo B, 9th KY Cavalry
TharpWesleyno data
TharpWilliam B.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
ThompsonWilliam C.Co C, 27th KY Infantry
TibbsPasscalno data
TottenDavid R.Co G, 1st KY Cavalry
TowlesBenjamin H.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
TrobridgeRichard J.Co A, 30th KY Infantry
TrulockJohnCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
TrulockLuther T.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
TurleyB. F.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
TurnerW. H.Co C, 13th KY Infantry
TwymanHenryno data
VanceHughno data
VanceLusian T.Co E, 13th KY Infantry
VanceAdj. Richard26th KY Infantry
Vance1st Sgt. Silas L.Co C, 27th KY Infantry
VassWilliamCo D, 2nd KY Infantry
VanFleetIradelCo C, 33rd KY Infantry
VanFleetJarelCo L, 26th KY Infantry
VanFleetJohn C.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
VanFleetMosesno data
VinsonW. H.no data
VeluzatLewisno data
WaddleBoogieno data
WaddleGeorge W.Co A, 13th KY Infantry
WaddleJonathanCo D, 26th KY Infantry
WaddleCorporal Samuel B.Co L, 26th KY Infantry
WaggonerGeorge W.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
WaggonerJoseph C.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
WaldeckR. N.no data
WaldeckSgt. Thomas M.Co D, 2nd KY Cavalry
WaldronThomas B.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
WallaceAmosCo F, 37th KY Infantry
WallaceLoydCo K, 26th KY Infantry
WallaceThomasCo F, 37th KY Infantry
WallingQ. Master David P.no data
WaltersWilliam K.Co K, 26th KY Infantry
WaltonSurgeon C. J.21st KY Infantry
WardCorporal EzraCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
WardRobert (Bud)no data (black)
WebbJames J.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
WeldonDavidno data
WellsEuriahCo B, 9th KY Cavalry
WellsCorporal Philip J.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
WellsRobert Jr.Co B, 9th KY Cavalry
WestJeffno data
WestMartinCo B, 9th KY Cavalry
WestThomas J.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
WestWilliam W.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
WheatArchibaldCo C, 37th KY Infantry
WheelerB. F. (Deek)no data
WhiteAndrew J.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
WhiteDennisno data
WhiteEuriahno data
WhitmanJohnCo I, 26th KY Infantry
WhiteherstGeorge W.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
WhitlowAlbertCo F, 30th KY Infantry
WhitlowSamuel G.Co G, 27th KY Infantry
WhitmanJ. N.Co C, 33rd KY Infantry
WhitmanJosephCo I, 26th KY Infantry
WilkinsonCorporal James M.Co I, 26th KY Infantry
WilliamThomasCo D, 2nd KY Cavalry
WilliamsLafayetteCo F, 13th KY Infantry
Williams1st Lt. Robert D.Co E, 27th KY Infantry
WilliamsWillieno data
Wilson1st Lt. William A.27th KY Infantry
WithersCharlesCo K, 21st KY Infantry
WithersJamesno data
WithersJohn S.Co K, 21st KY Infantry
WitherspoonTom B.Co K, 27th KY Infantry
WoodMajor General Thomas J.no data
WoodTomno data
WoodenPhillip C.no data
WoodenCorporal WilliamCo I, 26th KY Infantry
WoodsonWilliamCo I, 26th KY Infantry
WoodwardCaptain Jamesno data
WrightAvelet C.Co B, 9th KY Infantry
WrightRichardno data
WrightWilliam W.Co k, 26th KY Infantry
WyattPatrickCo K, 5th KY Infantry
WyattCorporal Richard R.Co C, 2nd KY Cavalry
YoungJakeno data
YoungTomno data

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