Biography of H. A. Butler

H. A. Butler, farmer; P. O. Paris; is among the self-made men of this county. He was born in March, 1826, in Hutchinson Precinct; the eldest child born to Francis M. Butler and Rachel Wheat. By the death of his father he was left in care of his mother, who was unable to provide for her three children left upon her hands without any visible means of support. When a youth of twelve, he embarked for himself, working out by the month at very low wages. His school advantages were very limited indeed. Upon his attaining the years of manhood, he was employed to drive and handle stock for other parties; during this time he made fifty trips to New Orleans and forty to New York, eleven of which were performed on foot, the trips occupying seventy days each. In 1863 he purchased 150 acres in Menard County, Illinois, for eighteen dollars per acre; two years and a half after he sold it and realized thirty-six dollars per acre; he then purchased 170 acres in Fayette County, which he kept a short time, then purchased 140 acres in Clintonville Precinct. In 1876 he purchased 220 acres, where he now resides, situated on the Flat Rock Pike, which farm he now owns. During the war he was engaged in the mule trade, in a small way on his own account, also was engaged in the hog trade, buying and shipping, which business he followed for several years and proved successful. May, 1868, he married Sarah Kennedy, born in Flat Rock, daughter of Thomas and Nancy (Goodwin) Kennedy. She (Nancy) was a daughter of “Tige” (Enoch) Goodwin, who was one of the early settlers in Flat Rock Precinct. Thomas and Nancy Kennedy had four children: John W., Mrs. Butler, Polly and Mary E., both sisters married Smith brothers. Mary, wife of J. T.; Polly, of George Smith. Mr. Butler has three children: Nannie R., Jephthah D., and Thomas H. Mrs. Butler is a member of the Reformed Church.

Source: Perrin, William Henry. History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky. Chicago: O. L. Baskin & Co., 1882.

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