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Salem Association of Baptists

A history of the Salem Association of Baptists really begins in the fall of 1779, or in the winter of 1780. At this time Captain Thomas Helm, Colonel Andrew Hynes and Samuel Haycraft built three rude stockades forming “a...

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Indian Battles in Meade County, Kentucky

No Indians permanently resided in Meade County. Crossing the Ohio River at the mouth of Salt River, Rock Haven, Flippeii’s Run, Buck Creek and near the mouth of Wolf Creek they often came to hunt game. Many weapons and...

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When the Pioneers Came to Meade County, Kentucky

In 1778 Squire Boone passing through this way in company with a certain John McKinney discovered at the head of Doe Run a spring which he frequented sundry times. In 1780 Squire Boone entered for Joseph Helm at this place 1,000...

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Pioneers of Meade County, Kentucky

About the same time the Richardsons came to Meade County from White Hall, New York. They landed at Richardson’s Landing on the Ohio River and settled at Payneville, Kentucky-. David Richardson and Lydia Ackley were married...

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The Courts of Meade County, Kentucky

Meade County was named in honor of Captain James Meade who was killed in the battle of the River Raisin. The act establishing Meade County out of parts of Hardin and Breckinridge Counties was approved, December 17, 1823, by His...

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The Hunters’ Paradise, Meade County, Kentucky

Before the white men came to Kentucky, the territory in the great bend of the Ohio River from the mouth of Otter Creek to the mouth of Sinking Creek was a veritable hunters’ paradise. Heavily wooded broken ground along the...

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Meade County, Kentucky Genealogy

The seventy-sixth county in order of formation, Meade County is located in the northwestern section of Kentucky along the Ohio River. Bordered by Breckinridge and Hardin counties, from which it was formed on December 17, 1823,...

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Brandenburg, Meade County, Kentucky

April 18, 1784, an 113,482 acre survey for Henry Banks and Richard Claiborne began fourteen miles from the Ohio River and six miles below two military surveys for Philip Barbour. In 1787 Richard Claiborne with the power of...

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